Time Challenge Day 2 totals

Up at 8
showered dressed 1/2 hour
checked e-mail and blogs 1/2 hour
cleaning kitchen, dining room, living room – 45 minutes
computer – 15 minutes
talked to Stacy 45 minutes ( She left to go camping until Thursday).
Talking to the kids, playing and just being together watching a movie 2 1/2 hours
Sitting in my room before I started to sizzle. ( We have no a/c Downstairs), and the neighbor took all the kids to her house for a couple of hours. 1 hour.
Started dinner, cleaned up kitchen again 1 hour
Eat and clean up 1 hour
Baths for the dirty kiddos 20 minutes
Hubby and I had a really long talk with Harley last night about attitude and the way she is presenting herself to people. I am not sure how long that took because when that was over I went to bed. I didn’t even look at the clock. lol.

See more productive than Sunday. thank Goodness.


2 Responses

  1. You were very productive! Good job 😀

  2. Yesterday I did not worry about a “time challenge day.” I stayed in my gown (it was cooler than anything I own and it was hot, hot, hot here). As I wasn’t feeling my best, I stayed on computer for hours playing word games. Sounds real productive – HUH, LOL

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