Stacy and the camping debacle…

Stacy and her family are camping this week. Well, Monday night a horrific storm blew in about 2 o’clock. The lightning was terrible that started earlier than the rain. It seriously looked like Back to The Future out there when they are in the time machine and all the lightning goes everywhere.

Here is the trip before the storm:

Notice the happy family and the big old tent. That tent has many rooms. I didn’t know that tents could have rooms.

Here is the eating area.

Here is the kids’s little cheap tent as she calls it and the screened in tent.

Look at Meggie isn’t she just sooo cute? She can be mischievious too. I just love her to pieces… Oh yeah, that’s Stacy. She is Craaazzzeeee!

After the storm.

Stacy said that the tent was collapsing and it ripped and her and Shaun were trying to keep it held up and together and the water just started coming in and they couldn’t stop it. It was the hardest thing she ever had to do holding that tent up. Then finally agreed to abandon ship. The kids were scared to death. With all the wind, it was horrible.

The tent the next day when they went back to clean up.

The screened in eating area. Look at how the wind just bent it over.

The picnic table area.

The water still left in there in the morning.

This was a storm that just swept in for no reason. There was no news report on it. It was scary for me and I was in a house. I can just imagine how scared they were.

But, they are back at it until Thursday, so, pray with me that there are no more storms.


2 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m glad they are going back at it, but I can only imagine how scary it is to be out in the elements!

  2. Oh My! I’m glad they are all safe. I can’t believe they decided to stay out camping. We’d have packed up and headed home!

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