Happenings around here…

The past few days have been ugh.. That is all I can say about them. Timmy is back. Finally. And doing his best to annoy all of us. He has to readjust to our rules and is not having a good time doing it. But, it is looking hopeful.

We are going to be moving probably within the next couple of months so, I went and got boxes and am starting to go through stuff. We have a LOT of stuff. I tell you it is ridiculous how much we have. Oh yeah I have to give a shout out to Dollar General. They gave us boxes and let me say they let us have as many as we wanted. My car was bogged down with them and the manager helped us get the good ones and even a few for the breakables that have separate compartments.

I am going through the kitchen today and getting rid of stuff and packing away stuff that we are not using. Freecycle is going to love me today. I also have a bunch of canned goods that I am donating to the church on the corner. They are a part of our church. I think you call it a seed church. People from our church started it. And they have a food pantry. Good thing is I don’t have to take it all the way to Northridge I can just drop it off right on the corner.

I am so not looking forward to going through our paper stash is what I call it. But, there is a lot of stuff in the filing cabinet that just needs to go and this is a good excuse to go through that also.

Oh Boy just not looking forward to it. While I’ll miss my big old house, this is a good decision for us. Mike took a really big pay cut and we have to cut back further than what we were and after the move I have to find a part time job. Which is ok with me. I can deal with that. I thought I didn’t want to. I was being selfish is what I was being. And I really need not to be. While I would love to just be home full time, right now that isn’t a possiblility so, I need to stop whinning and just do it.

The only thing that I am stressing about is the JT’s footprints that we painted on the wall. We did it two Halloween’s ago when he was still alive and it was blacklight paint for our halloween party. It was really cool especially with the strobe light too. It looks like he is walking across the wall. We left them up. It was just neat to have a piece of him still here even if it was footprints. I don’t really know how to explain it. I might scrape them off and but them in an envelope. I just couldn’t bear the thought of anyone painting over them.

When your child is gone you just hold on to everything about them. Some stuff you do let go of but, other stuff that probably makes no sense to the people on the outside means a lot and it is like dying another death if something happens to it. And really doesn’t make sense. I have a plaster cast of his hands and his feet from the day he passed away. I have so many scrap book pages where the nurses did handprints and footprints just because, that it is ridiculous. But, I know how many I have and how old he was when they were done. Just another piece of my baby is what it is.


5 Responses

  1. (((hugs))) Bobbie. Praying for strength for you.

  2. Ok, finish packing there, then come to Florida and help me?!?! lol Oh, my song for today is “Lean on me, when your not strong and I’ll help you carry on”
    Seriously, can you cut out part of the wall and have your husband sheetrock a new wall?
    Please know I love ya and thanks for being a friend!

  3. (((Bobbie))) I’ll be praying for strength and wisdom and you guys are preparing to move & job hunting.

  4. Have you found a new house yet?
    I’ll be praying for you as you make this transition.

    We haven’t found one yet, but, I am going through and getting rid of and packing things that we aren’t going to use or don’t need. So, that when we do find something, it isn’t as crazy and a have to do everything right away process. lol

  5. If you use a sharp knife, you should be able to cut around your fotprints. Score the circle about 1/8″ or so, then gently peel it up.
    To patch it, cover the area with joint compount. If you’re careful, you can probably get it smooth enough with the putty knife that you don’t need to sand it.

    Thanks Randy.

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