5th grade graduation..

I realized I never got the pics up for that. I guess I had better. lol Better late than never, I guess.

Setting up.

Ashley being Ashley. lol I think she is trying to say she did it all when she just watched. lol.

See that is more like it. Timmy is hiding his face because he was supposed to be in school but, got kicked out for the day so, he is ashamed.

Harley walking in.

Our fearless leader, Miss Taylor, who I might add finally got married to Jimmy this summer. They are the cutest couple. He does stuff for her like hold her umbrella when it is raining, all the while he is getting wet. Sits for hours on end while she is “finishing things up” at the end of the day. And supports her in everything that she does. He is awesome. She has an awesome shoe collection. She would make Imelda Marcos look like an ametuer.

Harley getting an award for something. But, I can’t remember what. It has been too long.

Harley getting her shirt and certificate for graduating from DARE. (the t-shirt clued me in) lol

Harley and Miss Taylor with her graduation certificate. Yeah!!! we made it.

Harley and Page. Page is like my daughter, I love her to death. She calls me mommy and remembers me on my birthday and mother’s day she is awesome!

Harley and her dad, (Gary), I really have no idea why he keeps hiding his face in all the pictures. I think he is hiding from the cops. Maybe I’ll ask him next time I talk to him.

Ashley and Harley, Ashley as usual is cheesin, Harley could care less she is so ready to work the room and talk to everyone.

Ashley, Harley, and Timmy. This is what you look like when you have gotten in a fight at school and have to leave for the day. Very, Very sorry. To his defense though the boy had been messing with him all year and he wouldn’t hit him. He kept walking away. Which is great but, I think there is a time to show them that hey you can’t just walk all over me like that. So, he punched him. He stood up for himself finally.

Stacey and her best friend. They are the two shortest kids in 5th grade with the exception of one boy and he is really short. They just look so cute together.

Harley and her best friend, with her cousin. I love Eliesha’s dress, her and her cousin were dressed so cute. I so wish I could get harley in a dress or skirt, but, I doubt that will happen anytime in the near or far future.

Harley and her teacher, Mrs, Simon. Mrs. Simon is the only one that I know that can discipline students with a smile on her face and not let it show that she is really ticked at the time. She would go, now, Tommy, big smile on her face, you have dentention. lol

Stacey getting her t-shirt and certificate for graduation from DARE. Dare is a drug awareness program that all 5th graders go through. They then have a big party at the Y and go roller skating for passing.

Well, that is all. I hope you enjoyed all of these sorry, they weren’t on time.

Now, I am going to go and cry because I have 2 new middle schoolers.


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  1. These are some fun pictures. 2 middle school girls in the house is going to be a roller coaster ride for a while! I don’t envy you! Right now I have 16 & 10 yr. girls….the hormones are flying!

    Oh my the hormones here are crazy! I think they have even rubbed off on Mikayla. 😆

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