Pics for your viewing pleasure

Yesterday was Brittney’s birthday party. We had a lot of fun and had fun with the camera. Here are a few shots.

This is what she walked in to.

Here is the birthday girl.

Some of the food.

The next shots are still life’s or trash shots. lol
We were playing because well, we thought that we could make trash look good. Obviously, we don’t have that talent. lol but, it was fun!

Here is megan posing for us.

Megan and Mikayla swinging.

Isn’t my Ashley just so pretty when she smiles?

Brittney and her cake, High School Musical Rocks!!!

Just a glimpse at my bestest friend! Can you guess who??

I have more photos but, I will add more tomorrow, just gotta keep ya coming back for more. lol

Have a great day!!!


4 Responses

  1. LOL I can’t believe you actually put the trash pictures on here, that is so funny. It was alot of fun, my kids are so worn out. Cody is already counting down to the next birthday party.

  2. Happy Birthday Brittney, and yes, I know who that is but only because I’ve met her in person…..Hi Stacey *waving*

  3. Pictures are worth a “thousand’ words. Glad you all had fun.

  4. I love them all! LOL

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