JT’s 2nd Birthday Celebration…… Pictures

Yesterday we went to the cemetary and celebrated Johnathan’s 2nd birthday. We had a good time, the kids played with cicadia bug shells. (how gross), We talked and had a good time. Here are some of the pics, most of these were done by the kids and they did a great job!

The cupcakes said Happy 2nd Bday JT but, the plastic kinda peeled it away.




A bunch of us



A cicadia shell on Stacey

Oh no!!! Look at Zac Efron’s nose, it grew a bug!!

The kids playin with the bugs. You would think girls wouldn’t do that but, Oh no, not ours!

More of us standing around talking.

Tune in tomorrow. I want to get opinions on a pic! Thanks for viewing I hope you enjoyed them.


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