Their day at school…

Ashley had a horrible day so, she said at first. She got lost 5 times, plus, the new school is gigantic and she isn’t used to big. But, the more that we talked, I found out that she really liked it. She doesn’t like a few of her teachers she thinks but, that always changes with time. Her sign language teacher is deaf, which she really likes him. And she loves her art teacher which she loves art, so, that was probably a given. The other teachers were ok, but, nothing really stuck out about them for her. She already had homework, which she wasn’t happy about it.

Her friends all go there because they combined both the high schools into one. This is the first year and because of them finishing the new high school is why the school year started so late.

Harley and Stacey had a great time. They only had trouble with getting their lockers open and they love the fact that they can have pizza for lunch. That will get old fast I told them. It did for me. But, right now, they are loving it. They like all their teachers and they even have a few friends that go there other then the few previously mentioned. And they walked to their dad’s house all by them selves and didn’t get lost. Ashley was so scared they were going to but, to tired and sore from her first day to go and get them. Plus, it is straight up the street and one turn. Those two aren’t directionally challenged so, I wasn’t concerned. But, it was nice that Ashley was for once.

The elementary middle and high school are all next to each other.

The girls had homework on the first day to, but, it isn’t due until Friday. Stacey of course has hers done and Harley just ate and fell asleep. She got up at 3 this morning to get ready. She does that when she is nervous. She is the kind that can’t sleep when she is scared or nervous or excited. Now, me on the other hand. I can sleep just because. I am a sleeper and the more sleep the better, plus, the time just goes by more quickly that way.

What I think is really funny is that their dad had to fill out all those emergency medical and registration forms. HA HA. I didn’t have to do any of it this year. My fingers don’t have blisters on them and they feel pretty good right about now.

So, there was their day!


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  1. A good first day of school is a very good thing. Hopefully they’ll find that the teachers are all great, won’t that be a blessing, and they’ll want to go to school each day.

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