Today is the first day of school….

I just seen them off. Harley and Stacey just went to their 1st day at Middle School and Ashley started her first day of High School. Oh MY!!! I feel old! I hope they are ok, I know Ashley was really really scared. She called me from her dad’s crying. I told her everything would be ok, and it’s ok to be afraid. That was funny though little Miss I’m not afraid of anything High School is going to be a breeze finally realized that she has some fears.

I dropped Harley and Stacey off and they are going to a Middle School that is out of our district that I had thought none of their friends would be in. But, nope, we pulled up and there they were. Harley’s best friend E, and E’s cousins. E put her arm around Stacey, and told her it would be ok, and she looked really cute today. E told me not to worry she would take care of her and this is Harley’s best friend we are talking about. I thought that was really extremely nice of her since those two only talked when they had to to each other. Poor Stacey was the smallest one I seen.

Well, excuse me now while I go find some wrinkle remover. I better get a head start on this and stop the wrinkles before they start. lol

Have a great day everyone!!!!


2 Responses

  1. First days are always so exciting…and nerve-wracking…for mama and kids.

    I pray they had a great first day!

  2. I pray that Ashley finds her niche in high school, that is hard to do, does she have any friends there?

    That was very sweet of Harley’s friend to take Stacey under her wing. Praying that the day has gone well for everyone.

    As for those wrinkles, worry about the frown lines but the smile ones are good for you. =)

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