The pics of the damage…

We were without electricity for 100 1/2 hours. Yep, I counted them up. It wasn’t a pretty time. At first it was no big deal but, at the days wore on, I was just tired of it. The laundry was piling up. We couldn’t cook anything except for on the grill and well, Bobbie can’t cook on the grill.

Here are some pics of what happened around my house Sunday…

Here is my poor car. My poor poor car. Scary thing is I told the kids to go out side and play in the wind. They came in like 2 minutes before that happened. They like to remind me of that. That are not very nice children.

There is the point of impact. But, thank goodness it was just my car.

That is where it fell from.

Here is the man handsawing it in 50 mph winds. Yes, he started cleaning it up right away. He is efficient like that.

The girls helping.

The tree two houses down across the street that fell.

This is one awesome woman right here. She out worked those guys and did it in a pink hard hat. We thought it was too cool.

This car was spared. Not a scratch on it. Just a few leaves.

“Our Tax Dollars Hard At Work”

Here are the men watching the lady work. lol. Just kidding. The other machine was pickin up the big stuff.

They made pretty good time getting that tree out of there. It fell from the root.

Here they are getting our big ole log. I think they like getting their picture taken. They even let us drag the stuff over that we had already cut off.

Here is my poor house. It pulled the gutter down and some shingles.

Well, there it is We lived through it. It was really scary but, exhilarating at the same time.

The damage around town was just like something you see in the movies or on tv that happens far far away. There are still 10,000 people in this county with out electric. It hit everywhere here really hard. But, we are all safe so that is the most important thing. I can get the car and the house fixed. So, for that I am grateful.


9 Responses

  1. I know why she ‘totally outworked those guys’….it was the pink hat.

    Stacy (my daughter) really loved the hat. She wants one. But, yep, it had to be the hat, pink makes you stronger. lol

  2. That was quite a storm to have maintained its wind power for such a long long distance.

    It took us all by surprise. We didn’t think it was going to be as bad as they said, because here they always come on and they do up to the minute coverage on simple thunderstorms. But, this time they were right. lol

  3. Hey FYI, it’s Carmen aka God’s Army Academy. Update your blogroll. I have been blogging since Sept 1. Moved it and it is “partially private”. I am not inviting everyone as I am being judged for things I put on my blog by family. Come check us out

    Carmen, I can’t get to it. You are going to have to invite me. There isn’t a clickable link. I’ll message you on myspace and get it in case you don’t come back here. lol

  4. I love the pink hard hat too 😀 I’m glad you are all ok .

    I can’t believe you tell your poor children to go play out in hurricanes!LOL!! j/k 😀

    We usually are in and out during our hurricanes until the wind gets too strong, like 70 – 80+ mph. lol!

    In my defense, I had no clue it was that bad out until that thing fell on my car. lol. We had a lot of fun. We were pretending we were the X-Men and we could control it. Well, until it started blowing Stacey and she couldn’t stand up anymore. Now, that was funny.

    But, I did leave out my panic from the story. I was screaming at the kids to get inside and get in the dining room and stay away from the windows then I would yell for them to come here and check something out. They were so confused.

  5. Bobbie, I’m glad that you are all alright and had a safe place to go with power. That was one huge storm, Ike was, I sure didn’t expect him to be so ferocious so far north.

    If you want to get to Carman’s new blog check out my blogroll under DY Friends, she should be there as Days of Chaos. I had commented at her blog and she emailed me.

  6. I am so glad that you guys are okay! You’re right…the car and the house are fixable – YOU GUYS are irreplaceable!

  7. WOW! Ike sure was a big bully! He pushed his way all the North, wreaking havok and mayhem everywhere! I’m so thankful you guys are all ok.

  8. Amazing what damage that one storm did. So glad the damage wasn’t real bad and you are safe. Isn’t electricity wonderful?

  9. Glad you’re all safe! The more stories I read from that storm the more apparent it is how frightening it must have been.

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