Happenings around here…

It’s been a while since I have done this, and let everyone know just what is up here. Well, there have been many trials going on in my life here lately. The biggest one being my marriage. I won’t go into too much detail, but, things are just going rotten. But, I am working on it. And with God’s help and a lot of prayer, we’ll work through it.

The girls’ grandfather Bear, I don’t know if you remember him, but, they haven’t seen him in over 10 years came back into their life, and now he is stalking me. I am so totally not joking. If he can’t reach me on the phone he is popping over at my house. I don’t like that and he has been told several times, that I don’t like that. But, he does it any way. He pops up and accuses me of ignoring him. Then he yells at me. I am not a child and I do have a life of my own. Plus, I am dealing with a lot of things that I haven’t let everyone in on and well, he thinks I should be there to cater to his every whim. That is not what I am here for. He has been told several times. He just doesn’t listen.

The kids are all doing great. We went to Impact World Tour Saturday and seen some awesome dancers, skateboarders, breakdancers, and one BMX guy. They ranged in ages from 12- 34 and they did the most awesome tricks and dancing. And you aren’t going to believe this one. They are all Christians. Their whole mission is to bring children and families into a relationship with Jesus. How awesome is that? They are from all over the world, Austrailia, Denmark, China, Canada, the US. A bunch of them gave their testimony. They told about their life before and their life now. All of the kids got to sit down front on the floor and got to see the action up close. And most of the kids got a bible with the New Testament in it. And kids even came to Christ. They had people from over 100 churches there that were available if you needed prayer. And then you could go up and talk to the skaters and dancers and they would pray with you also. This was a three day thing, the first day was the strong men, Team Xtreme. They break bricks, bend metal, pull Semis, over turn cars, and all in bringing people closer to God. Then Sunday it was the Island Dancers.

We are also still preparing to move, so that is an added stress also. But, I can handle that one easily. Mikayla can’t stand that some of her stuff is packed. So, I opened one of the boxes with her toys in it and told her she could play with them as long as she puts them back. Sometimes it works sometimes you gotta make her pick the stuff up, but, hey she is 3 that is to be expected.

I have been keeping up with alot of blogs, I just don’t comment frequently. I guess I better start commenting huh? It seems my blog has also took another turn. And is going in a different direction and finding a new way. As are alot of other blogs. They are still good reads. And I keep up and I want to be doing what they are doing, but, I feel lead to go the grief way. I went through it and am still going through it and I feel that just maybe I can help someone. Just one person. What I have found though is that I am all over the place and need to organize my writing better. I am going to be working on that. I can’t write how I talk because only Stacy understands that. lol.

I am still going to mix in lots of other kinds of posts. It will still be a hodgepodge you all know me. lol I like variety.

Well, gotta go the munchkin is up and demanding food.

Everyone have a great day!

5 Responses

  1. It’s your blog, Bobbie, to put in what you need to.

    I’ll be praying for you and especially for your marriage. I’ll also be praying that grandpa will get the message and quit bothering you, that is not a good situation.

  2. Thanks ladies.

  3. (((Bobbie))) I’ll be praying for you.

  4. Be praying for you.

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