These are too funny I had to share. They might not be funny to you all, because some of them you have to see the expressions. But, I want to remember them and thought this would be a good way. And share them at the same time.

Mommy I awake, the sun is on.

Mommy, I can’t go to bed the sun is still on.

Mommy tell God to turn the sun back on so I can stay awake.

Oh mommy the moon is on, it said I don’t have to go to bed yet.

Mommy, I want tree candies cuz I am tree and the sun told me that I needed tree.

Mommy, that salad made me hungry.

Mommy, my lactaid made me thirsty.

Mommy, I need to eat I hungry, that food made my tummy empty.

I not hungry. 2 minutes later…. Mommy, my tummy needs food.

Mommy, looky the sun is on. I like the sun.

Variations on the Stacey in the last few years. sissy, tay cee, stay cay (really fast) now she says it the right way. I miss the old ways. It means she is growing up. She even lets us know which one she is talking about and she call everyone hers. My big Stacy, My little Stacey, My Ashy, My Harwey. Her and Granny get into fights about thier Daddy Michael. Well, little arguments not really fights.

Well there are a few. Enjoy!


5 Responses

  1. So fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So cute.

    There is a Robert Louis Stevenson poem that the kids have memorized called “Bed in Summer”…I think Mikayla would like it.

    I just looked it up and I think you are right. She will love it. lol. Thanks!

  3. So Sweet!!
    What a cutie!

  4. She says the cutest things. I know you treasure them all.

  5. Those are cute, Bobbie.

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