To do’s for today…

Well, since the hubby has been on shut down this week we have been working on a bunch of things around the house. Like I have been getting him to get the places I can’t reach. You know the dirty stuff like cobwebs and ceiling stuff. I could do it I just choose not to because well, I just don’t like to and he is taller than me, so, I let him do it. lol

So, for today’s to do list here goes:

Go through stuff on the back porch. This has turned into his well, we might need it some day place and it is really out of control.

Go grocery shopping. We need food in this house. Ever since the storm and going with out power for almost 5 days well, we lost all of our cold food. So, we need to stock up on meat. We are actually going to do this together. Let’s hope we don’t end up in a fight. lol. He takes to long and looks and compares and I just want to get in and get out. I don’t like dilly dalliyng.

Get the rest of the toy room packed. Don’t let Mikayla watch us do it. Get rid of old broken stuff. She is just like her daddy. She doesn’t like to let anything go. So, let’s hope for no temper tantrums.

and last but, not least…

Clean off this computer desk. It is horrendous. I feel like I am intruding on the clutter when I sit down here.

Well, the sun is on so I guess you all know what that means after yesterday’s post. Yep the little honey who is called Mikayla is up and raring to go. I am seriously thinking of putting black out blinds in her room. lol that’ll get her. Probably not. Her internal clock won’t let it work.

So, now I am off to fix her some breakfast and we are going to work on some numbers today. She has all of her letters down by sight, can you believe it? I can’t. I am amazed at how easily it is to teach her this stuff. So, now, it is on to numbers with a few letters mixed in so that she doesn’t forget them. Tune in this time next week when we will be working on algebra. ha ha just kidding. lol

Have a great day!!


3 Responses

  1. First of all thanks for keeping me in your prayers and know I will do the same for you 😉
    Second I seem to be intruding when I sit at my desk too, Hhmmm! maybe its catchy -l.o.l 🙂
    THIRD & MOST IMORTANT TO ME – I LOVE THIS POEM ON YOUR SIDE BAR. SO, SO TRUE – I WONDER WHY OTHERS JUST DON’T GET IT. THEY DON’T REALIZE HOW BAD IT HURTS WHEN THEY TRY TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT A PART OF OUR HEART IS MISSING AND THAT OUR LIVES ARE FOREVER CHANGED. OH I LOVE THIS POEM I WISH WE COULD HAVE IT POSTED ON BILLBOARDS ACROSS AMERICA!!!! mostly I think I will try to find one on a frame somewhere and put it up. people tend to act funny sometimes and I do understand… but they too need to understand. I’m gonna try to see if our newsletter person can print it in the church newsletter. I think that would be grate since this month. OCTOBER 15th is NATIONAL PREGNANCY & INFANT LOSS DAY!! LET’s get people to remember

  2. Sounds like a lot to do in one day. Did you get them all done?

  3. Yep, we got everything done before 2:00, then we relaxed the rest of the evening and ate popcorn and watched movies it was a really nice day.

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