Can you see him too???

This was taken at JT’s 1 year homecoming anniversary. There is a man in the sky. He reminds me of Santa. Can you see him too? In the upper left hand corner. lol


5 Responses

  1. I see him! It looks like his beard is blowing in the wind 😀

  2. I found him too. I almost didn’t though, I had to go back and see where he was located. I love looking at clouds. I just read “Remembering” by Elizabeth Dent. I was wondering just how were you and your family doing. I know you still live with so much pain – how are the rest of your family doing as well? I care so much and I can’t imagine that kind of a loss. I try, but I’ve never lost a child. I’m thinking about you often.

  3. Don’t see him but it’s a pretty picture!

  4. He’s right there. 🙂

  5. I see him!!

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