Ok, I am over it.

I gave myself two days to feel sorry for myself. I feel alot better. Thanks so much for the support I got.

I was really feeling guilty about this pregnancy because well, lots of things go through my head you would be surprised. lol Or maybe you wouldn’t. I feel guilty about being happy because of other people. Not because of myself but, because I am afraid other people are going to think that I am trying to replace Johnathan. I am not doing that. No baby could ever replace him. I am so afraid of what the in law people are going to say when they find out that I have been making myself sick on top of morning sickness and that doesn’t feel good. I had a talk with my husband and we are not going to tell them right now. We are going to wait. My mother-in-law isn’t the nicest person and well, I would rather keep the negative comments at a minimum and be able to enjoy myself. Although when I need her she is there she just has a very sharp tongue and speaks her mind whether anyone wants to hear it or not. And she keeps talking. and talking and talking.

Anyway off to happier things. The girls are so excited about the baby. The did the ring thing on my belly last night and they have come to the conclusion that I am having twins. Because it went back and forth and in a circle. Seriously, it went back and forth and then completely stopped and went in a circle. They did it 4 times and it did the exact same thing every time. Now, we know it is an old wives tale but, hey it was really exciting to watch it. Then little Stacey she told me that our bets are cancelled out. Because she thinks she can predict these things. She bet me I was having a girl and I bet her a boy. She was right the last time and I think it made her head big. She is too full of herself. So, if the ring thing is right, then we get to exchange dollars. lol.
****disclaimer, we are not a gambling family nor do I condone gambling. This was just a friendly little goofy thing between mom and daughter******

And if that ring thing is right, oh wow. That is all that I can say about that one. November 13th is my ultrasound, so we will find out then.

Mikayla is really excited about trick or treating. She keeps telling me when the girls get home from school, then we are leaving. I have tried and tried to tell her that it isn’t until tomorrow but, she is totally not listening to me. I keep telling her one more bedtime then we can go but, nope she tells me no. Thats not right mommy. I love to see her excited about things.

Well, I have gotten alot done today but, have a lot more to do. Mount Washmore is waiting for me. That stinkin beep on that machine is going to drive me crazy today. 😆 I still have to do 15 minutes in my bedroom and 2 more loads of laundry. Then, I am done for the day. Woo hoo.

Everyone have a great day!!!!

Hug someone today and tell them how much you appreciate them.


3 Responses

  1. You learn something new every day. I never heard of the ring thing. Glad you put a limit on feeling guilty. That’s a great idea.

  2. I am glad you are feeling better.

    Everyone keeps telling me that I’m having a boy. (other than my mom and my daughter….they say it’s a girl) LOL!

    I cannot wait to see what this baby is. I knew the gender on the other ones so this ‘waiting until delivery’ is all new to me. LOL!

  3. No baby can replace your precious Jonathan. I know you must be so excited. I’ve never heard of the ring either. Make sure you give yourself a hug every day and imagine that it is your heavenly Father who is comforting you and giving you strength.

    I think you are the greatest.

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