God is Bigger…

Ok, I usually don’t get into political debates with anyone other than my MIL, or really even talk polotics. See I don’t even know how to spell it. lol. I have my opinions I usually keep them to myself, I research the crap out of everything then make my decision. But, as I am reading everything that is going around I really would like to say a few things. (p.s. Don’t tell my husband I am not on computer break).

Number one…. What is done is done. Obama is now going to be President come January. That can not be changed and no amount of bashing the man or the people that support him is going to do anything. He is now our President and we have to respect him for that. He won. We now, have to stand as a country and support him. Because he is our President.

Number 2…. We have to pray and ask God’s guidance for him. Yes, some of us don’t believe the same things that he does but, why not try to change his mind on the abortion issue. That would be easier than just sitting back bad mouthing him about it. He is probably just underinformed and his being a man well, what can I say about that. I believe it isn’t right. My neighbor believes it is.

So, get up get your paper and pen out and write a letter, e-mail him, start a campaign on your blog. We are all Americans. This is our country no matter who is running it. And you CAN make a difference. It is all in the numbers folks.

Let me give you some numbers on how this works just from my own experience. I put an about page up about Jessica. She has Biliary Artresia, more people have read about Jessica on my site than my about page. That means in doing so maybe just maybe people will read about Jessica and want to help. They will research and get the facts and either they will want to make a donation to a foundation in her name or to her family to help with cost to her family. If I had never put that up 378 people would have never have seen that or learned about her.

Trisomy -18 was not really known about parents had no hope in bringing home a child with a trisomy diagnosis because of the phrase “incompatible” with life. I have seen and read about children with this diagnosis being born, and living. Whether it be for 7 minutes or 1 year. But, they were given the chance to live because one person decided that God was bigger.

God’ll get us through this time. All you have to do it lean on Him. Pray for Obama Pray for our country. Pray that we will go in the right direction. Become active in your country. Don’t sit on the sidelines and gripe that there is nothing that you can do. Because my friends, there is plenty that you can do.

Change Obama’s mind on abortion give him your input. But, do it in a way that pleases God.

Please don’t slam me on the way that I think because you will be deleted. Just letting you know ahead of time. And I am open to discussion on what you think we could do to help run our country.


5 Responses

  1. Very well put

  2. I agree Bobbie 🙂

  3. Bobbie, you are completely right. We are told to pray for our leaders in the Bible. We don’t have to like them or agree with all that they stand for or do (hey I don’t agree w/everything that the current president has done) but we are to pray for them

    I love your examples of how one person can make a difference in some situation.

  4. I couldn’t have said it better. He is our President and we need to put action to where our mouth is. I too, am concerned and prayer is the key. Also, the Bible speaks about it is He who puts the leaders in place. Write to as many officials as you can. Let your voice be heard. Great blog.

    I also believe we need to pray for President Bush. He sure has had to handle a lot of difficult decesions during his term as president. He looks depressed to me.

  5. Great post!

    I believe the same thing. Now is the time to pray for Obama and all he has ahead of him.

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