Soooo Excited…..

Two more days and I get to see my little peanut. I can’t wait. Although I am a little apprehensive because everyone keeps trying to bless me with twins. But, hey that’s great too. The more the merrier I say. lol.

Stacy sent me pictures of 9 week ultrasound pics of twins for the better part of yesterday morning so, she is an expert at spotting them now.

Do you remember the movie Look Who’s Talking with Kirsty Alley and John Travolta? You remember that scene where she drunk down a whole gallon of Apple Juice?? Yeah, well, don’t tell anyone, I did that this morning with orange juice and forgive me I didn’t use a cup. I figure why get a cup dirty when I didn’t need one. He he. But, it tasted sooooo good. I just couldn’t help myself. We’ll just blame that on the baby. Sounds good to me any way.

We went to China Buffet yesterday for Mikayla’s birthday. She picked the place. She loves China Beefay. And please don’t let this get to Heather, but, they had a whole bunch of crab legs. I didn’t eat them. But, we almost boycotted them in her honor. But, the people that work there barely speak a lick of English so, they really wouldn’t have understood us if we had.

I am doing a bunch of laundry and keeping busy today and tomorrow because well, hopefully the time will fly by. I really can’t wait to see little peanut. It just calms my mind to see them the first time. To know that everything is ok. And it makes the pregnancy so much more real to me. Not that I don’t already loves this little one who brings me violent morning sickness most of the day, and the gota go gota go right nows 7500 times a day. It just makes me realize that yep, there really is someone in there. I can’t wait for June. I can’t wait until I can feel this little honey kicking me. That is my favorite part of pregnancy. The kicks and the rolls and the trying to figure out if that is a foot or a hand stickin out. The kickin stuff off of my stomache that is always fun especially when you forget and set your plate there for a minute and it goes flying. I absolutely love it.

I kinda got jipped in that department with JT because I had complete placenta previa. And I didn’t really feel a kick until like 3 days before I had him. I could feel him rolling around but not a good honest to goodness kick. And oh boy though when he kicked he kicked up a storm. So, I got 3 days of my belly just a going in all directions. I love that part too. Watching your belly do the tidal wave effect.

Sorry, I am just really excited and I promise I will post a pic of the little peanut. Because I loooovvvveeee to show off my babies.

Oh yeah, Mikayla and I were talking about the baby last night at China Beefay and she said I am having a girl and she is having a boy. lol. I said sweetie you aren’t pregnant and she got really upset and said yes mommy I am. I am a pregnant shooting princess. lol. I laughed so hard. I couldn’t help myself. It was sooo cute. Don’t ask about the shooting thing. Really, it isn’t pretty. Let’s just say that since someone let her watch something they shouldn’t have she believes she can shoot people and is infactuated with it. So, my husband justifies it with the whole well, Princess Leah shoots people. Pooh I tried. lol.

Well, everyone have a great day!!!!!


3 Responses

  1. Awwe…I just love hearing about your little pregnant shooting princess…LOL! “<

    We are going to make this day a holiday in my Crabby Kingdom in your name 😀 I’m going to make a post about it later with pictures all about our first Bobbie’s Day! 😀

  2. ps. twins would be very nice! ❤ I can’t wait to hear about your first baby/babies seeing 😀

  3. I hope the minutes pass quickly for you! Today is almost over…only tomorrow to go! Can’t wait to hear about your wee one(‘s)!

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