All about Stacey….


Stacey is my 11 year old. Oh my goodness, is she that old?? Not to be confused with my bestest friend Stacy. You see my Stacey has E’s in her name, my BFF has no E’s in her name. I went E happy and made my Stacey’s name pretty and have some flash and pizzaz, Big Stacy’s mom, well, she didn’t so her name is plain jane. lol

My little Stacey, she still tries to be my baby. She was the baby for 7 years and I treated her that way because I thought she was my last baby. I didn’t think that I would have anymore. She always slept with me. She got her way. She was a big old spoiled child. And I am so totally not afraid to admit that.

She loves to whine, and cry, and try to get her way. Which sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t. There was a year that when she talked, you just cringed because it was perpetually whinning that WHOLE year. The reason I am saying all of that is because she is trying to read over my shoulder. I just wanted to give her something good to read. lol.

Don’t you just hate it when someone is trying to read over your shoulder? I do, and I get kinda ugly. I told her she could read it when I am done, but, she just isn’t having it.


Stacey is my cuddly child. She loves to just sit with me and she has to be touching me. She still gives me hugs and kisses, which is unbelievable. She wants to be a big girl but, she wants to stay a little let mommy take care of it girl.

She is a really big Diva. Hair, make up, and fashion are her thing. She will look at someone’s clothes and in a minute, it is either a fashion disaster, or something cool. And she isn’t afraid to tell you about it. I really need to teach that child some couth. She really doesn’t have any.

She is pretty blunt too. She hasn’t lost the honesty in her I guess you would say, she doesn’t know how to censor herself so that she doesn’t hurt feelings, or just keep something to herself.

She reminds me of Pearl from the tv show 227. You know the older lady that hangs out the window that knows everything and is in everyone’s business? Yeah, I live with Pearl. She knows all the business of everyone in the neighborhood. Half of these people I don’t know but, you can bet she does.

She is all girl and PINK is her thing. If she could live in a pink world, well, she would paint the world pink and be just so happy. She has to wear something pink just about everyday. Even if you can’t see it you can bet she has something on that is pink. She wants to paint her room and her cat pink. The room maybe the cat absolutely not. She has dyed her hair pink. Well, I did it. Yes, I let her dye it pink. It actually looked really cute. It has faded, and she is trying to talk me into letting her do it again, but, I don’t know over the summer is one thing. Ya know?

She is really a joy to be around when she isn’t whinning so much which she is doing right now. But, I love her even in those times. Her hormones are all out of whack so she can start to cry at the drop of a hat. Which sometimes, I am so not gonna lie, I egg on. Because when you ask her to do something simple like pick something up off the floor and she goes into full crying why are you making me do this, you always make me do it no one does anything around here but, me mode, it is just hilarious to me.

Stacey loves to be the life of the party and center of attention. I know I am going to have to reign that girl in because yes, sometimes she can be totally out of control. And for the most part I do, but, she is going to have to learn that there are consequences for her actions. I really need to not let her get away with stuff but, she is my baby as are all my other kids. I know not an excuse.

Ok, really, I don’t want everyone to think she is a big old brat, so, I will let you know that she is a really caring girl. She loves people and she wants to see everyone happy. She has a wonderful sense of humor and loves it when people are laughing. I love her to pieces and don’t know what I would do with out her. If I am feeling down she helps me get back up.

She grew up a lot after JT died. I mean instantly. Most of the whinning was gone and she started acting more grown up. She was actually the one of my children that mourned in a healthy way. She cried when she needed to and didn’t hide it. She talked about her feelings and got them out. She let everyone know about her brother. Not in a shock value way the way that Harley did, but, in a loving way. She never shies away from talking about him. And if you ask her how many siblings she has she always includes JT.

My baby girl is growing up. Slowly, but, she is getting there. And if you don’t mind. I would like her to stay this way and be my little girl for a little while longer. Because nothing makes me more happy than when she crawls into bed with me and curls up next to me and tells me she loves me. And I don’t want to lose that yet.

3 Responses

  1. She is so mature yet so innocent, just the way you would want a child to be. Even though her name is spelled wrong (hehehe) I still love her, even the whinney side of her.

  2. My daughter can be the same way – whiney & spoiled yet loving at the same time.

  3. Yep they are so loving when they want to be….and not when they are in a crabby mood!

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