Had a bit of trouble.

Now, everything is fine, but, Thursday night little peanut decided to give us a scare. I had some bleeding and went to the hospital. We were treated very badly I might say. The nurse the doctor’s there. It was like they didn’t care. They never checked the baby to see if he/she was ok. They weren’t very nice, they were snotty a lot of the time. All in all it was a bad experience. So, I left not knowing anything. Not knowing if I was even still pregnant. I went to the doc’s yesterday morning and found out, that peanut is just fine. He for some reason, I keep saying that because Stacy does, is just wonderful. Dr. O told me that there is almost a 0% chance that I will miscarry. It was such a relief to watch him jump on that screen. He was jumpin all over. I didn’t think that they could do that yet, but, I guess they can. I went in there expecting to not be pregnant anymore, and came out so happy, I almost peed myself. lol I know bad analogy but, hey it’s true. So, I am resting and taking it easy. And Mr. Peanut is doing just great.

ok, different subject but, kinda the same subject. And please know I usually don’t air my children’s dirty laundry, just the funny embarrassing stuff. he he.

But, this is serious. Harley’s grief is getting to her I do believe. She wants to believe this baby is Johnathan. She is 12 so that I can talk to her on a better level than I would my 4 year old, but, for some reason it is scaring me. I can’t get her to understand right now that JT is in Heaven and there is no way that he can come down here again and be born again. I really don’t want her to be dissappointed but, I don’t want her to have her hopes up that this baby will take JT’s place. Because NO ONE will ever take that place. I had fears of my extended family thinking that I was having a baby to take JT’s place, I never really thought of any of the kids thinking that. But, as I look at back and think, I should have been more prepared for this. I really don’t know what to say to her other than what I already have. Does any one haave any suggestions?? Has anyone been through this before? If you don’t want to comment but, would like to e-mail me you can at siscaboo1512 at sbcglobal dot net.

I would appreciate any feed back that I can get.

Thanks so much

Have a wonderful day!!


13 Responses

  1. Did you go to Mercy or Community?

    I went to Community but, with the hospitals being the same now it doesn’t matter because the doc’ are from both hospitals.

  2. Sorry about the scare, but glad peanut is fine!
    No suggestions regarding Harley though; that’s hard!

  3. I am so happy everything is ok with your little peanut. I have had some horrible hospital experiences so I am sorry you had to go through that. Sorry I don’t have any advice on the Harley situation. That is very tough. I hope all goes well.

  4. Glad you and Mr. Peanut are doing fine. 🙂

    Harley just may need more time because souls, life, and heaven are huge concepts. She is at the age where they can grasp some abstract concepts or parts of them; it is confusing for them.

    Praying God’s guidance and grace as your family shares this time of joy, adjustment, and missing JT.

  5. Here from ICLW, and just wanted to wish you luck in helping your daughter through her grief.

  6. whew! I’m glad Mr. Peanut is doing ok. What a sigh of relief. As for talks with your daughter, unfortunately, I may not have the best advice, since I’m childless….but I do think that encouraging your daughter to talk about JT and the new baby often with you will help you to figure out what to do and say to help her cope with her grief. I wish you the best.


  7. I’m glad you and Baby are ok. That must have been very scary for you, especially with the poor experience at the hospital.

    I don’t have any suggestions to help Harley. I’ll be praying for wisdom for you as you struggle to help her understand.

  8. I am so glad peanut is ok. 🙂

  9. me too. 🙂

  10. Don’tcha just love the worrying? We have almost the exact same due date: I’m June 17 (18) if you ask my OB. I’m in a constant state of panic. And worry. I’m glad everything is okay, though. ICLW

  11. (((((Big Hugs)))))

    I am so glad everything is okay!

  12. So happy to hear all is well with your peanut. Best of Luck with this pregnancy. I am sorry about your daughter as well. It sounds like she really misses JT.


  13. I am glad everything is ok with your peanut! so scary. sorry I don’t have adivce for you about how to talk to your 12 year old, but I am sure you will be able to figure it out.

    here from iclw

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