It’s a mystery….

Thanksgiving is over. The dishes are piled in the sink. Food is put away and here I go thinking I am going to have some really good breakfast. Right?? Wrong….

Somebody stole the ham. I can’t find it anywhere. I know it was put away. I remember putting it away. I put it on the second shelf. The only thing there now is, green bean casserole and cheeseball and mac and cheese. Where oh where did my poor ham go?? It really wanted me to eat it. Peanut was looking so forward to it. I could feel him flippin around in there getting ready for it. But, oh no! Pure undulated dissatisfaction. (Sometimes I just like to use big words. I really don’t know if I used or spelled that U word right.) So, I guess I will go in there and eat some of that bird. I really don’t want to but, Oh joy, I guess I must. Then when these people wake up there will be an interrogation. I must find out who at my honey baked brown sugar goodness.

I hope everyone had a fantabulous Thanksgiving ours was really pretty awesome. We all cooked and had lots of fun and with minimal attitudes. We three girls who are mostly all teenagers and a pregnant mom, those moments are few and far between. But, we all worked it in that kitchen and had everything done at the same time. A major feat I might add. Everyone had several plates and no one complained about not liking anything. We sat around and talked about what we were thankful for and there were so many things. Even out of the two that don’t like to talk about things.

Some of the list….

Dora and Diego
The cats and dog
New friends
Having their dad back
Being together
HAM???? I gotta remember who said that they may have eaten my ham….
Having 2 homes
Being able to work
Having a big family
Mommy and Peanut
The computer lol
cough drops
Emma and Jake (mikayla)
Megan (mikayla)
This is from Stacey and I thought that she really put some thought into it.
I am thankful for being able to live in a place where you are free to be yourself and able to vote a president in where there is not a war going on outside of your door and where you are safe.

Those were some of the ones that I thought were either funny (most of them lol) downright weird or stuck a heart string for me. There were many more including God, shelter, peace, clothing, and the such.

Hope everyone was stuffed to the gourd and took a nice great big nap yesterday. I know I was and did.

****Edited to add: The dishes are done and the ham was found. The brats known as my children hid it from me. **********


2 Responses

  1. LOL, they are brave.

    I hid some walnut fudge from my husband so our friends could have some. He had eaten a pound at a time.

  2. Gals you found the ham! Love the list. It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!


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