And now, meet the rest of my family

I have told you all about the kids, now it is time to meet the pets. We have 3. 2 cats and 1 dog.

First let me introduce Precious. She is our Beagle and oh boy is she rambuctious. She is having a little bit of a problem here lately getting into the trash, and she is hyper. She will run in circles for an hour if you let her. Ashley has trained her to crawl along the floor using only her front legs and it is so funny looking. She can also sit, (well, unless she is doing her crazy cirlcle dance) beg, roll over, and play dead.


Isn’t she just the cutest little thing??

Then there is Spaz and Bear Bear. When we got them from the people down the street they were very skinny. You could see their ribs pretty much. Now, they are big fat cows.

Spaz is pretty unique. He has one blue eye and one green eye. His hips were fused when God was making him and so he walks kinda funny. I was scared of him at first because well, he looked like a ferret because he is so long and he was so skinny. He has a bit of an attitude. He will nip you if you are petting him and he doesn’t want to be. But, it really doesn’t hurt. He just lets you know I just ain’t havin it at the moment.


Bear Bear is a laid back sort of fellow. He will let Mikayla and Megan do just about anything to him and doesn’t complain. He just lays there and takes it. And believe me they have done some stuff to him that oh my goodness, I don’t believe he hasn’t taken a chunk out of them yet. He loves lounging around the house and doing absolutely nothing. Unless he wants him food. He knows exactly what time the food is put out and dude is on it. If you are too slow at getting it, well, he is right there letting you know about it. He also loves chips. Any kind of chips. He knows the sound of the chip bag and is right there at your feet yowling.


And that is the rest of our family.


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  1. I enjoyed meeting your pets. We have two dogs and one cat. They all get along great. One day both dogs had the cat, each on one end of him. They were playing and it appeared at first that they were stretching him and I became alarmed. But they were playing. Sarge is the oldest dog and gets around on three legs, Carson is our hyper dog and loves attention. Kitty is our cat but we call him KiKi because we kept forgeting the name each grandchild gave him. All the kids love Sarge and only our youngest grandchild can pet the cat. Sometimes KiKi lets us pet him. All of them stay outdoors and on our enclosed porch.

    Carson has learned to stand up on his back legs and eat the cats food which is on the top of the handicap ramp.

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