Hubby is finally home….

He got home last night about 8:30. He is doing fine. He is grumpy and in pain but, happy to be home. He really isn’t that grumpy. I told him he wasn’t allowed to be or I will take him back. lol. J/K.

Mikayla was soooo happy to see her daddy, we had to stop her from jumping on him and caught her just in time. But, we didnt think about the dog. While we were catching Mikayla the dog got him. And she is way heavier because of her impending delivery. Good thing he was sitting down because I do believe he would have hit the ground.

After he got over the shock of the dog jumpin on him, Mikayla and him found a comfortable way to sit together and read books to each other for about an hour.

He is sound asleep right now, and so is Mikayla in the other bed in the room. She didn’t want to leave her daddy.

About an hour after we got home, we got a call from his mother yelling at us for not letting her know that her baby was back home. She wasn’t happy about being out of the loop, but, he just forgot to call because he was spending time with Mikayla. So, after he got his scolding from his momma, he went to bed. And there he has stayed. I can’t sleep so, I have been up rambling around.

But, he is doing really good. So, let’s see what is in store for today. I am going to make him a good breakfast and let him eat in bed. He should like that. lol

Everyone have a great day!!!


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad your Dh is home and uninjured from the dog & daughter loving on him. It is good to have Daddy’s home….till they start to drive us crazy.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I’m glad daddy is home.


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