Well, i might be back…

I figured I’d let everyone know how our Christmas went. It was ok. In the sense that I was slightly disappointed in some goings on. I really don’t want to turn this into a rant. But, it may become that.

We had fun opening our presents. It took all of 5 minutes. Stacey had been up since about 4 and had woke me up also. I told her she had to wait until 7 then we could wake everyone up and have at it. It was sooo hard for her to wait. She didn’t try to even peek at her stuff this year. Usually she is a big old snoop and knows pretty much everything she is getting before it even gets wrapped. But, this year. She knew nadda zip zilch. Which made the anticipation so much more fun for her.

7:00 rolls around and we go to wake everyone up. Mikayla just wanted to sleep. We tried everything to get her up but she wasn’t having it. First she said she didn’t like Santa, then she wanted us to bring everything up to her. Silly little girl. When she finally woke up, she realized what we were talking about she was downstairs in a flash.

Everyone tore through everything and loved everything that they got. Then they spent the next few hours trying on things and playing with stuff.

My sister and neice were here. I think that is all that I am going to say about that. Let’s just say that it wasn’t pleasant the whole time and I was very disappointed.

I fixed Christmas lunch, I guess you would call it. We are used to eating later, but, people were rushing me. So, not everything got cooked and made like I had wanted to.

Every holiday my girls and I have a blast. We all get in the kitchen and just have at it. This holiday it didn’t happen because my sister didn’t want them in there and she wasn’t willing to help either. She said they might slobber in the food or something. Which wouldn’t happen, unless of course we got Stacey laughing too hard.

So, we only had ham, (boxed) macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green bean casserole.

I had planned on having: Real mac n cheese, cheddar/broc rice, cheese ball, corn, rolls, Pioneer woman’s sheet cake, cornbread, a salad, and baked beans. That would have went with the stuff up there. oh yeah, and deviled eggs.

You see everyone has their specialty, I of course do the ham, Stacey does the cheese ball, corn bread, and deviled eggs, Harley does the corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac n cheese, and the rolls. Then Ashley does the rest.

All the while we are usually in there laughing joking and sometimes food flies. But the time we come out of the kitchen we look like we have been through a war. That is the best part of the holiday for me. Us all being in there together. Mikayla even helps with pouring and stirring things.

I didn’t get that this year and I am sooo disappointed. Ok, I am sorry if it sounds like whinning I truely am, but, I needed to get this out. And here seemed like a way to do it.

I lost all focus this year. We didn’t even read the story of Jesus this year like we always do.

I think that me and the girls and Mike, for some reason I keep forgetting about him. lol. I think that we will have our real Christmas Dinner this weekend. I think that is a solution to this hum drum I am feeling about the whole thing.

Well, anyway if you made it this far. Thanks so much!


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  1. I’m sorry you couldn’t celebrate the way you wanted to Bobbie. Ugh.

    It sounds like you all have so much fun in the kitchen together – I am jealous!

    HUGS…I hope your real Christmas dinner this weekend is a lovely one nad makes you feel better.

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