The puppies…

They are doing great and getting sooo soo big. We had to get a bigger place for them because the box they were in wouldn’t hold all of them and their momma too. And they need their momma. Their little faces are are coming out and you can see what they are going to look like when they get older. Their eyes are still closed. They are now a big whopping 7 days old. They are getting vocal when they can’t find what they are looking for on momma. Oh boy are they vocal. They are just so cute. I wish I could show you some updated pics but, my camera went on the fritz. The screen is all blurry so the pictures are too. I’ve tried everything that it says to try to make it not fuzzy and nothing is working. I just got the thing like 2 months ago. This shouldn’t be happening yet. I wouldn’t think.

I leave you with a few of little Stacey’s favorite pics from last week.



Oh jiminy she wants her picture up too. lol Here she is! lol It too her twenty minutes to find just the right one. I better post this before she changes her mind.



One Response

  1. I want a puppy!! ❤

    Your daughter is so pretty ❤

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