Today is the day…

I run away to Vegas and marry a mariachi singer who dresses like Elvis and sings like Conway Twitty……

J/K.. Shocked you though didn’t I? lol

U/S day. I can’t wait until 10:15. I am a bucket of nerves. I am so afraid they are gonna find something wrong. I am trying to be positive but, the closer that I get to it the more I start to worry.

They are looking to make sure that the placenta has implanted itself properly. That is why Johnathan was born early. Because I had complete placenta previa and it abrupted. Like I was telling Stacy last night. I can deal with a little previa, not complete.

It is so hard being pregnant this time. I know to much of what can happen. I am not ignorant to the fact anymore. Usually you read the risks and just skim them in the baby book. Ha I lived them.

Every twinge or little pain that I feel, well, I think this is it. Something is wrong. But, I felt peanut kick the other day and have felt him a couple of times since. So, I don’t think that I have previa. With Johnathan, I didn’t feel him kick until right before he was born. And I was 25 weeks. And that was because of the previa. I could see my stomach move before that but, I didn’t feel anything. It was very weird.

So, maybe this is God’s way of saying, hey, I got this. You are gonna be ok. But, then I have to worry about heart defects. lol.

It is one of these situations where I have to just keep giving it back to God. Every Single Minute Of The Day.

I was talking with him last night and I told him that I wouldn’t be a mother if I wasn’t worried and I don’t think you want me to go through this without worrying a little do you? Then I felt peanut kick again. So, maybe he just wants me to let HIM take care of it. Ok, don’t throw stuff at me. I know HE wants me to give it to Him and let HIM work.

I can’t wait though because hopefully we’ll be able to find out what Peanut is. I am thinking boy or girl. lol. And if we don’t then I am having another one February 13th. That would be Friday the 13th. What other luck could I have? lol.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses

  1. Praying the ultrasound went well!

  2. Looking forward to hearing from you and knowing how the U/S went. Hugs!

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