My bad bad bestest friend…

She hacked my account and put that pic up of me. She knows I don’t like pictures of me. But, oh no, it took her 2 hours to figure out my password, so, I am going to leave it up. I just won’t look at it. lol.

I was thinking of posting a really embarassing pic of her but, decided against it. I LOVE her too much to do that. he he. Or… do I??

This is what we look like when we are together:


We laugh so hard we practically pee ourselves. And it is that big of a laugh too. We even finish each other’s sentences. It is really spooky sometimes. We also have different views on things and that is ok. We are the first person each other calls when we have great news or a big problem. We talk it out and find a solution if there is one together. Usually we just feel better just talking to each other that when we are finished it makes more sense then it did in our head.

We have been through the unthinkable together and our friendship is still going strong. It actually made it stronger. We love each other’s family’s. And our daughters and BFF’s too.

We talk 1000 times a day either on the computer or on the phone or both at the same time. We love to google stuff and she helps me find answers to hard things that I don’t want to look up. She stands beside me and walks through things with me. We are very honest with each other and that is good. We don’t lie to each other just to save face. We know even if it is something that we don’t want to hear the other one is saying it because we love each other as sisters and are saying it out of love not spitefulness or meaness.

So, to my sister from another set of parents thanks for everything. you are the best and I love you!!

p.s. GOTCHA BACK!!!!



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  1. You two are just too funny!!!


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