I have decided…..

For this New Year, I am going to be more upbeat, happy, goofy, what have you. Stacy and I were talking and she said no one except her and my family really sees that side of me.

And really I don’t sit around depressed and hating life all the time that is a little part of me. But, I think most that read this blog see it as a big part of me. A lot of times I come here to get those feelings out. I for some reason feel safe doing it here on the wide old internet. lol. Makes no sense, I know.

While there may still be some post on me feeling icky, I am choosing to honor JT and remember the good times and baby let me tell ya, we had a lot of them. So, a bunch of funny stories might pop up that I want to remember. Mixed in with things my whacky, crazy family has done or is doing.

And we have a new baby coming so, things could get crazy in June. lol. All those wonderful mommy up late, and fell asleep with the bottle instead of giving it to the baby moments. Or, while cleaning out the couch because it stinks and finds that diaper she changed two nights ago. It’s gross but, I have all been there and a year later it is hilarious.

I will never be the same light hearted don’t know nothing about how bad the real world can sometimes suck, Bobbie. But, I think I am liking this new Bobbie. She laughs, she cries, she will live like there is no tomorrow, she is loved and she can love back.

So, I am naming this the year of finding myself and who I am now. Because I haven’t found myself yet, and I really want to know this new me.

Thanks for Reading Everyone, and make it a beautifully blessed day!


2 Responses

  1. Good for you! This is the year for change, after all 🙂

  2. I am just now catching up on reading blogs. I’ve been sick for 2.5 weeks with the same thing everyone has. My hubby has it now, and I’m still on the tail end of it. While you are looking for a great year with a positive spin, I will too. We do have a lot to be happy about. I’ve read your other blogs, but won’t leave a comment on each one, but know that it is okay to have a bad day – we all have them. The trick, I am finding, is to “count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.” (You need to prentend I sang that to you, in perfect harmony etc.)

    Always, always love to read your posts. Have a great week. Did I understand the new baby is a boy? Feel free to email me. Your friend, always

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