My Ob appointment….

Everything looks good. I actually seen the nurse practitioner today. It took a long while to hear the heartbeat and it was kinda freakin me out for a minute, but, the baby was kicking me so, I knew he was ok. It just took a while to register in my brain. lol. Yes, I freak out. But, the baby just kept moving so, it just took a lot longer. But, she got it and it was really strong.

Stacy was making Mikayla act crazy in the room. They were loud and laughing so loud and yelling and screaming I thought that they would get us kicked out. Then every time that someone walked by they would yell here they come hide! It was a blast.

Ok, it wasn’t just them, it was me too. It is fun to go to the doctor with Stacy. We just laugh and laugh. And laugh some more. Half the time I have no idea why we are laughing we just are. It is terrible if we have the grumpy nurse. She just doesn’t know how to take us. But, still, we laugh. he he he.

I can only imagine what it is going to be like having her in the delivery room with me. The doctor is gonna be like um Bobbie could you please stop laughing so much your incision is going to be croocked. I bet I laugh so hard when he breaks my water it ends up looking like a geyser. Ok, am I getting gross sorry. The things I think of I tell ya.

Seriously, I am having a c-section. I have to have one. Because of the way that they had to cut me when I had one with Johnathan, so, I have that to look forward to but, I bet it will be a blast with Big Stacy in there.

Well, there is the update and now, maybe Stacy can stop im’ing me to hurry up with it. I tell ya, sometimes she is a bit annoying.

Ok, Ok, I am pushing publish!!!


2 Responses

  1. 😆 The two of you are a riot!!!

  2. I love the friends that make you laugh 🙂

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