What’s on tap for today….

I have a doctor’s appointment bright and early this morning. I still have to jump in the shower and get dressed for it. Then I have to wake the monster up. She so didn’t want to go to sleep last night and kept me up talking about stuff. I have no idea what she was talking about so, I just agreed.

I kept telling her Mikayla we have to go to bed. I have to go to the doctor in the morning which means you have to get up early. For some reason she thinks every time I go to the doctor we are going to have the baby. No amount of explaining will make her understand that we still have a while before that happens. lol.

She then asks me if we are going to the doctor so that I can push out the babies. I was like babies (I need the eye poppin smilie here)!! No, mommy is only having one. No, she said Precious had 8 so you are too. I told her no honey dogs have 8 or more. Mommy is only having one. Then she asked me if all 8 of them will be furry to just like the puppies. I gave up and said yes. So, now she thinks I am having 8 furry babies.

A couple of my children were a bit on the hairy side when they were born but, not as hairy as a puppy. he he.

Today, hopefully we can hear a heartbeat. I am feeling more and more pregnant by the day. I have felt the baby kick a few time which was awesome. I’ll update later about the appointment.

Everyone have a great day!!


2 Responses

  1. More pictures of the puppies please!!!!

    I need a fix today 😀

  2. My camera is broke I’ll see if Stacy will bring her’s over today.

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