Biggest Loser…

I totally forgot that I was going to update about this. All the excitement with the baby and hearing the heartbeat and geyser’s I totally forgot.

Let’s see….

Ok, there are 11 couples. With this season having the biggest woman, the biggest man, the youngest person ever and the oldest couple to ever compete on Biggest Looser.

The twist came at the end of the week. Allison said this week there will be no eliminations. Everyone was clapping and woo hooing. Meanwhile, Jillian and I knew very well, that there was something up their sleeves. And oh yes there was.

There was only one spot for the couple with the most percentage of weight lost. Everyone below that line had to pick one person from their couple to send home. So, that would mean that 9 people were leaving that night to go home. With the exception of the couple that won immunity the day before in the competition.

It was so close for a while. I mean people were dropping 25 to 35lbs. It was awesome for one week of weight loss. There were some tears that yes, maybe we can do this.

So, at the end of weigh in Allison let them know that there was another twist. The eliminated people would have a chance to come back. If in 30 days your other half was still there, then you could return. All the while at home you should be working the program also. So, they had to pick the one part of their couple that they thought would loose the most weight and stay in the game.

It was heartbreaking watching them leave. I was really upset because they put in all of this work, only to have to go home after a week. But, I like the whole inspirtation behind it. And that is to work harder. And to be accountable to someone.

So, hopefully we see a majority of these people back. Some of their personalities from what little we saw are really awesome and the lot of them have been through some trials in life.

Well, that is my update on the big twist that happened Monday night.

Everyone have a great day!!!! and God Bless!


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  1. Do you have a favorite team? I’m really pulling for the white team simply because they are the oldest and if they can pull this off, ANYONE CAN! I’m also rooting for the largest man, woman and youngest contestant. I guess I just don’t have a favorite yet…LOL

    I really want the Orange team to succeed and the white team. Did you see the bonus footage where Jillian is getting Estella to work harder? It broke my heart. If you go to you can get the bonus footage that is where it is. I really don’t like the girl from the silver team’s attitude, she is whiney and I don’t like whiney. I really think that the other one should have stayed.

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