My poor, Mikalayla is sick, sick, sick. She decided to let me know in an abrupt fashion at about 2 this morning all over my bed. Poor sweetie. She kept telling me to make it stop and I couldn’t. I just told her that when it was all gone that it would stop and she would feel better.

Nothing like giving a four year old a bath at 2:30 in the morning to wake you right up. I got her cleaned up and stuck her in bed with her dad with some motrin in her. She has a fever too you can just feel the heat come off of her. So much so that she thought the water was cold and I kept turning it up. She was almost a lobster when she got out of there.

Side note, Me and hubby don’t sleep in the same bed in the winter time, because I like to be cold to the point of turning blue, or I can’t sleep and with his back issues he can’t be cold, he likes it sauna hot and we can’t find a happy medium. TMI maybe but, sorry about that.

Then I thought oh sleep glorious sleep. UH Uh nope! Drats the bedding needed washed. And I am talking everything from the pillowcases to the sheets to the comforter. So, after I stripped the bed and made little Stacey carry it all down. So is nosy and had to see what was going on so, I figured might as well put her to work. Then I had to scrub the mattress. I ended up sleeping on the couch.

And lo and behold, I think I am sleeping in and hubby sets the tv downstairs to turn on every morning at 4:30 and we must have been watching something loud last night because it came on loud with Dean Martin belting something out. And there goes Bobbie falling off the couch. Scared me to pieces.

The dog sees I am up and decides she needs to go out. Oh joy. So, I gave up. I am up for the day.

Oh gracious she wants back in. It really never stops here. lol.

Everyone have a great day!!


3 Responses

  1. (((((Hugs to Mikalayla )))))) Hope she feels better soon.

    We had the pukey virus for 2 weeks. I cannot tell you how many sheets I washed! Ick!

  2. I’m sorry Mikayla is sick. I hope she feels better today and you are able to get a nap in.

  3. Bless her little ol’ heart! We had the bug here…no runs or vomitting, thank goodness…but it was enough.

    Sorry you didn’t get a lot of sleep…I just pray you don’t get what your baby girl gets! Yikes.

    Nope, I got it. lol. I still got it she is fine now.

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