Baby Names…

We are tussling here over baby names. I want something that we can use initials with my hubby says no. Well, I say how about Elizabeth and call her Beth. Hubby says then just name her Beth. But, I like writing the z’s. I never get to write z’s. I like Chloe. He says ick. He likes Willemeina I say OMG are you crazy I don’t even know how to spell that.

Don’t get me started on boy’s names. I know we have a while to figure this out but, I just want to get on the road to something that fits. For a boy I thought that we had Phillip Eugene nailed down. Now, he wants to explore other possiblities. Jinkies!

Here are my girl choices:

Audrey Johanna
Cassandra Johanna
Victoria Elizabeth
Sophia Grace

Boys Names

Phillip Eugene
Jeffrey Joseph – JJ – Dynomite- name that show. he he
Ok, little Stacey’s favorite – Jeff Hardy. he he
Matthew Jackson

Then I got goofy
James Robert – Jim Bob
We already had a John Boy. lol
Mary Ellen

When you are picking a name you want it to fit your child, and you want that child to have a name that they are happy with when they get older. This is really hard. Mikayla and Johnathan we agreed on immediately. This one. We just don’t know. I think with as many children that we have we are just all named out.

What are some of your favorite names? I really would like to know.

I can’t look at a baby name book because the names are so outlandish. Like – Millaxidance or other really out there names.

On a side note, it is really really cold here. Brr… School is canceled finally and now, I am going to break the good news to the kids.

Everyone have a great day!!!


12 Responses

  1. I love Elizabeth.

    The boy was going to be named Elizabeth Grace.

    I also like Victoria Elizabeth.

  2. Ohh…baby names…how fun!
    Elizabeth….what is wrong with Elizabeth? And I do go by Beth, but my family all calls me Elizabeth.

    As you probably know I am fond of K names so how about:
    Girl: Katja, Katrina, Katherine….you could call her Kate,

    Boy: Kyle, Kenneth, Kaleb…

    Hmm…I’ll think of more and come back.

  3. Definitely Millaxidance! If you want your child’s name to sound like a laxative. Wow.

    Your girl names are all nice. I was doing some bible study last week and “sophos” or “sopha” is a Greek word for wisdom.

    During my pregnancy, my youngest was a “Duncan” for awhile. I don’t know what I’d use for a boy’s name these days. I think they are harder than girls names. I still like the name Luke, too.

  4. I like Bible names. If we had another I would get naming rights and hubby would have veto power. My ideas were:

    Victoria – Tori
    Lorina Ann

    Andrew John

    That was all I had.

  5. I love baby names!

    We had trouble with our oldest daughter. DH is Bob, I am Becky, DS is Brad. I thought Briar but most people detested that. Do, as a joke, I said we would name her Dryscha (pronounced dreesha). That stuck and Dryscha Suzanne she is! We get so many compliments.

    I now am partial to Paget Delaney. I love unique names.

  6. There’s just too many to choose from! I like Sophia…different that Sophie. More elegant, I think.

    I HAVE to have a “K” name if its a girl…its a family tradition. I’m thinking Kate or Klare or Kennedy.

    Boys? I still like K names (or K sounding) like: Cooper, Callum, Killian (we’re Irish).

  7. Well, let’s see, shall i share my kids names and then the names I didn’t get to use?
    Michelle Marie, Renee Ivette, Darius, Tristan, Jared, Jasmine Starr, Kendra Rose, Noah Thomas, Adrien Colin, Camryn Rose, Caedmon James.

    Names I wanted~ Aidan, Abigayle, Brenna Alyse Catriona, Grace Whitney, Raven Symone. I’m changing my name when I get the money to do it to: Rose Catriona. So have fun with the naming, it is so important to a baby’s identity later on.

  8. We had a hard time naming our first and last child. Let’s just say I lost and had to settle for picking the middle names. The last child was the worse. We ended up not talking for three days. LOL I like my children’s names now, but it took me six weeks to think of him as his name.

    I don’t have a favorite name.

    My husband went to college with a friend whos name was Really. His father contributed his success by naming his children by different names. The first boy was named Truely, then Really, then ???, then a daughter came along and her name was Sincere Lee. They were called by their normal middle names, until they decided to be called by their first names. One thing for sure, you never forgot their names. Now if you excuse me I have to get “what’s his name” out of bed.

    Oh, out of four of my children, only one can I find their name on preprinted items, like pens, pencils, and paper.

    I know your child will end up with the perfect name, even if it takes six weeks after birth to realize that. LOL

  9. I love Sophia Grace and Matthew Jackson…..:)

  10. Paula Marie

  11. Sophia Grace

    Phillip Eugene





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