I am such a slacker…

I have been slightly busy. We had some drama and I have been trying to figure out the best solution and I think I have got it. Pray that it helps. If you could pray for Harley she really needs it right now.

Ok, it was beyond drama, but, I am not going to go into it just yet, I have a blog post I am working on for it.

Peanut, or excuse me little Miss Victoria Elizabeth, or Tori-Beth as I have been calling her is doing great. Just a kickin away. She loves to hear Dolly Pardon 9 to 5. She just kicks away. It is actually quite hilarious. And Oh my if I don’t gain any weight this month, then something is wrong because my belly just went poof. I keep loosing Mikayla when she stands right in front of me. Today I am 24 weeks. Only 4 more months to go. It seems like it is starting to go fast. But, on the other had that I have been pregnant forever. But, I am finally enjoying it. And not stressing every 3.2 seconds.

Only 2 more weeks to get past the 26 week mark. Then 4 more weeks to get past the 30 week mark. I can’t believe it. Wow!

I am thinking of cutting Mikayla’s hair. It is almost to her backside, and it is really pretty but, she screams the whole time you are brushing it, and that is with braiding it every night and I really think a shorter maybe layered kinda cut is more for her. For my sanity at least. I still want it long enough to put in piggy tails but, not so long that if you leave it down for more than an hour it is a tangled mess. Her hair is thinner than my other girls and I think that is why it gets so tangly. My other girls have really thick hair and well, they have weight to theirs so, it doesn’t fly away. Plus, I am getting to preggo to chase her every where just to brush her hair. Then when I catch her I have to hold her down. I tell ya it isn’t pretty.

She is a really good little girl. She does what she is told, is very very helpful. She always wants to help clean in any way that she can. She makes me smile and tells me she loves me all the time for no reason. The only thing is the hair brushing. So, I figure a shorter cut will help ease some of that. I pray it will any way. And it is hair, it will grow back. Another plus is I want it to all grow back the same length, she decided to get gum stuck, and when I say stuck I mean really stuck in her hair and we had no choice but, to cut it out. This has been about 6 or 7 months ago, so, she has weird down to her chin bangs. And I don’t like bangs. Not at all. So, I want that to grow out, and catch up. I might whack my hair with her come to think of it. Make her feel a little better about it.

Well, since I have rambled on about not a thing anyone but me would be interested in, I guess I will let you go. lol

Have a great day!!!

Remembering a little princess 02-17-09

It has been a year today. Offering prayers, peace, and sweet memories for your family and friends today. We all miss you! But, we know you are happy and waiting the day when you can be reunited with your family again.

So, until then little Jenna, continue painting heaven pink and dancing for Jesus as only you know how.

ps. Give my JT a squeeze for me please.

Figured it out….

Mikayla had messed with the computer when Ashley was watching her and that is what the problem was. I thought for sure the monitor was just about to go kaput! But, the hubster got on here and fixed it. Woo hoo yay!!!

I am feeling very melacholy. I can’t sleep again tonight and with that comes thinking. I think to much sometimes for my own good. I really deep down inside wanted a boy. And as I have been thinking and talking to God about it this early morning or late night. Something came to me. Bobbie, you really wanted to replace JT didn’t you? I stuggled with it for a couple of hours and denied it. Then I tried to shove it out of my mind. But, it just kept coming back to me. You wanted to replace JT.

Simple as that. I wanted a little boy who looked like him. With his fat little cheeks and goofy little expressions. That is what I really wanted.

Now, I know nothing or no one would ever or could ever replace JT. I think what I wanted wasn’t a replacement but, a son who could just look like him and give me the sense that I had one more little bit of time with my first son.

But, as I look back on the ultrasound, I realized that there was a huge sigh of relief when The tech said, it’s a girl. I felt alot of weight lifted off of me. And I contributed that to the fact that everything was ok, and she was perfect. There was nothing to cause complications. But, I didn’t feel that relief until she said, “It’s a girl”

Then as I was thinking and talking with God. I thanked Him, because you know he knows what is best for me. He knew that what I really needed. And He gave that to me. He looked deep into my heart and separated the wants and the needs and granted my needs. He always knows what I need. And for that I say thank you so much.

I know little Miss Victoria “Tori” Elizabeth is gonna give me a run for my money. Being the youngest of 5 girls. I can only imagine. If I go by how Mikayla acts and is loved on and gets away with stuff from her sisters and at the same time causes them headaches beyond belief. Whoa momma am I in trouble. But, it is a good trouble and one that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I feel like Frank on Everybody Loves Raymond. I can’t wait to smell her head. Frank says it keeps him young, and I do believe that. Nothing is more sweeter than smelling babies heads. lol.

I can’t wait to see how much hair she has. With all the heartburn that I have had, it better be to her toes. But, most importantly, I can’t wait to bring her home. Safe, sound, fat and healthy.

Just a lettin ya know

Until I can figure out what is up with my monitor I am not going to be on the computer. This might be a while, but, just wanted to let ya know so ya would know. I think it is going out it is rainbow colored every where.

I’ll be back to bloggin as soon as I can. Tootles…

What internet slang are you?

I borrowed this from Sheri.

You Are FAQ

For you, the internet is like your personal library. And you know more facts than fifty normal humans.
Your brain is basically lot a computer at this point. You have a lot of information stored up there.

You spend hours looking up obscure information and learning things. If you have question, you always Google it.
You can’t help but be a bit of a know-it-all. You can answer everyone’s frequently asked questions.

We have us a………

Baby, yeah!!!!! Ok, Ok, I’ll tell ya but, first let me say thank you so much for the prayers. Everything went beautifully, everything looks beautiful. The heart looks good. The stomache looks good the head looks good and measurements are right on target. Due date is still June 18th.

Here are a couple of pictures:


Oh yeah, so, you wanna know what I am having??? I am now going to be the proud momma of a BABY GIRL!!!!!

Yep folks that makes 5. I am soo excited and getting more and more excited as the time passes. I feel like I can breath now. I feel so blessed that everything is going so smoothly. Poor Mike, he is sooo out numbered. But, I think he likes the idea of another girl.

And again thank you so much for the prayers. And thank you Jesus for a healthy baby and pregnancy. Because it is all about you God!

Have a great day!!!

Today is the day!!!

Today is my 20 week ultrasound. But, I am 22 weeks. lol. So, I guess it is my 22 week ultrasound. I have so many emtions going this way and that way. I keep taking deep breaths and praying but, I am sooo anxious. I am scared and excited. I have barely slept.

Today for me is more than finding out what the baby is. Boy or girl?? I really want to know that but, it is also finding out…..

Are there any heart abnormalities, ASD, VSD, aortic arch, Vessels and aorta going the right way.

Is there horseshoe kidneys. Which by the way would have no impact on the kidneys it just means that they are attached like a horseshoe.

Placenta was in the right spot is it still?

Brain measurement. Is Peanut’s brain the right size?

I am most worried about the heart. I have a congenital heart defect that was fixed when I was 17. I had ASD, which is a hole in the Atrium of the heart. Also my vessels and such go the opposite way just like JT’s did. It is amazing that I made it to 17 to get it fixed this is something that is usually fixed at birth. But, no one detected it because of it being basically on the backside of my heart and you could barely hear it, but, it was considerable size.

My oldest Ashley has a musical heart murmur which is just musical it makes noise and that is all, it doesn’t affect anything. She had many tests when she was little to make sure. None of my other children have had heart problems except for JT but, I like to always check that very thoroughly after birth just to make sure and I have them check at their one year check up. They have all had the work up and the x-rays.

So, if you could please pray that everything turns out wonderifically and no problems. I would really appreciate it. I have been praying constantly about this, I know that is why I am not curled up in a ball in a corner in denial.

Thanks so much!!!

I will update later!