Things around here…

They are actually going pretty good. I have spent the whole week with my husband. He was on shut down again, and we have talked, a lot. Neither one of us went and hid behind the computer, or the television.

We have both done chores around the house together. Something that never happens. He believes that he works and that he shouldn’t have to help with anything. But, it has been so nice to have his help.

I have been checking into a program at
The Marriage Resource Center and we are thinking of taking a class or two. This program is headed by one of my former pastors. And from what I hear it is a great program. So that is something for us to look forward to.

I think we just decided to handle our grief in different ways and I want to always talk about JT and he just wants to when he wants to which is once or twice a year. Not that he doesn’t always think about him and miss him, he just doesn’t always want to talk about him like I do. Which is quite alright. Everyone processes their grief differently, and that is the way he handles it. But, deep down inside it was making me very angry because I thought he didn’t care. That he just wanted to forget JT and that is not that case at all.

Peanut is doing great. I had an appointment yesterday and his heartbeat was 156. He was jumpin and kickin everywhere again this time. I think it is sooo funny. The 13th is coming closer and closer and I am sooo excited to see if we can find out who this little person is. I am a little, ok, a lot scared that they are gonna find something wrong because this pregnancy is going just tooo easily. No problems, placenta in the right place, everything looks great. But, there is always that other shoe that can drop, but, I pray and I get peace. Only to have to pray again 10 minutes later because of the anxiousness. But, God will get us through. I am certain of it. Because He has taken us through everything else and we have survived and become stronger for it.

Big Stacy has gotten a jump start on getting things for Peanut, which I think is soo cute. She is sooo excited and for the first time this week I found out that Granny in her own way is excited too. Granny isn’t too supportive of things that have to do with me. And well, she has no problem telling me or anyone. But, when I told her how excited Stacy was, well, she sounded excited also and asked what all we needed and if we were going to find out what we were having and was really glad to know that we were thinking of her when we were talking about where to have the baby shower. Which was really nice to hear from her for once.

Well, this is getting long. So, I must go before I have to publish this with a book maker. lol.

Oh yeah, Mikayla loves to talk to Peanut through the magic microphone belly button. Everytime she bumps him/her, she has to tell peanut I’m so sorry through it. And he can hear her. He kicks back it’s ok sissy. She also sings to him and he loves it.

Just thought I would leave you something that would bring a little smile to you!

Remember Jesus lives and He loves us all!!!!


4 Responses

  1. You and your man beast have been through the ringer. While my marriage has never suffered the loss of a child, it has had it’s share of down times. What pulled us through – and what I believe will pull you guys through – is talking. Never, ever stop talking.

    I love you girlie – I’m praying for you.

  2. I haven’t been on the computer for a while, so it was good to get back and read your blog. I have come to know JT through your blog and I feel as though I miss him too. Ginger also toldme so much about JT.

    I am delighted to hear that the baby is doing so well. I know you can’t wait. I have missed reading the blogs.

  3. Aww, I love the magic microphone!

    I don’t know why we become afraid when things are going so well, but we do sometimes. I’m glad things are going so well and that you and your hubby are pulling through this together, even if in your own ways. You’re still side by side. God bless you, girl!

  4. I am glad that all is well for you, hubby, Peanut, and the family. Read CC’s blog for the Feb. 8 entry – you will like it I’m sure.

    Take care and know that many are praying for all of you.

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