Today is the day!!!

Today is my 20 week ultrasound. But, I am 22 weeks. lol. So, I guess it is my 22 week ultrasound. I have so many emtions going this way and that way. I keep taking deep breaths and praying but, I am sooo anxious. I am scared and excited. I have barely slept.

Today for me is more than finding out what the baby is. Boy or girl?? I really want to know that but, it is also finding out…..

Are there any heart abnormalities, ASD, VSD, aortic arch, Vessels and aorta going the right way.

Is there horseshoe kidneys. Which by the way would have no impact on the kidneys it just means that they are attached like a horseshoe.

Placenta was in the right spot is it still?

Brain measurement. Is Peanut’s brain the right size?

I am most worried about the heart. I have a congenital heart defect that was fixed when I was 17. I had ASD, which is a hole in the Atrium of the heart. Also my vessels and such go the opposite way just like JT’s did. It is amazing that I made it to 17 to get it fixed this is something that is usually fixed at birth. But, no one detected it because of it being basically on the backside of my heart and you could barely hear it, but, it was considerable size.

My oldest Ashley has a musical heart murmur which is just musical it makes noise and that is all, it doesn’t affect anything. She had many tests when she was little to make sure. None of my other children have had heart problems except for JT but, I like to always check that very thoroughly after birth just to make sure and I have them check at their one year check up. They have all had the work up and the x-rays.

So, if you could please pray that everything turns out wonderifically and no problems. I would really appreciate it. I have been praying constantly about this, I know that is why I am not curled up in a ball in a corner in denial.

Thanks so much!!!

I will update later!


4 Responses

  1. I’m anxiously awaiting an update!

  2. Praying for you and the baby Bobbie (((hugs)))

  3. Father in Heaven,
    We ask that Your loving arms would be around Bobbie as she has this ultra sound done today. Might she feel Your presence very close to her today that she would rest in the assurance that You have things under control. May she have Your perfect peace all day.

    In Jesus name I pray,
    AMEN and AMEN

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