OH Tori-Beth…

How can you be so cute and you aren’t even here yet??

Last night as we were watching Biggest Loser, I layed the remote on my big old baby bump which is more of a boulder now, and little lady kicked it off, not once, but, three times. She really doesn’t like it if anything is pressing on her no matter how light the pressure. When they try to get her heartbeat she rolls everywhere. It is funny to watch them chase her. But, now, she doesn’t like the remote and well, when you are laying in bed trying to watch BL and American Idol that is the best place to put the thing so I don’t lose it. lol

Can you believe another week and I will be entering my third trimester?? Me either. And my emotions, man, oh man, I tell ya, they are all over the place. I cry watching commercials. Last night Anoop Desi sang, You were Always on My Mind, and I lost it. Only to switch back to BL and see that Kristen had gained weight to cry even harder. Usually a weight gain for someone on the show that I really like, I would get a little weepy, but, this was a full on heaving, snot fest. Stacey told me, Mommy, you really need to get a hold of yourself. That poor blue team they are really taking a beating. I feel so bad for them they try so hard and they are getting rid of their strongest players. Ron and Cathy should have already went home I do believe. I know they need to be there but, so do everyone else so, it is a really hard call. And how about Mandi and Aubrey and how they support each other and sacrifice for each other. I really like this BL better than last season. Everyone generally cares and there isn’t any of that back stabbing stuff going on. Which only makes me cry more because you see their heart more. And how much they really want to live and make a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Ok, now that I have started the boo hooing again. I better stop or I’ll short out my computer.

Oh yeah, and a side note, never google symptoms you are having during pregnancy. You find out too much stuff that you don’t need to do and start to panic.

Love ya all,

Sorry my blog posts have been nil to none, I just haven’t had anything to write about lately.

God Bless!


3 Responses

  1. That’s so funny…I had my book resting on my belly last night, and it was jiggling all over the place. It was hilarious.

    I’m an emotional wreck, too. Sad over the weirdest things!

  2. Sorry about the crying, I tend to do that as well and I’m not pregnant.

    Take care and let Tori-Beth know that you are just introducing her to shows that you hope to watch with her soon.

  3. Oh how I remember those days. Hey, is she up in your ribs yet?

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