Please Pray for Stellan…..

Stellan is a precious little baby who was given a miracle in utero. He had SVT which is supraventricular tachycardia. He was born healthy and with no complications. After docs told his family that he wasn’t compatible with life.

He has been a happy healthy baby ever since. Well, a couple of days ago he went back into SVT. The docs have tried everything that they can think of to slow down his heart to no avail. Could you please say a pray for Stellan, the docs, and his family?

Let’s see another miracle take place.

You can click the badge at the left and go straight to MckMama’s blog to read any updates.

Thanks so much.


One Response

  1. Pray raised. Update looked at.
    HE is faithful.
    I have a godson who is now in his 20s…at 9 months he was found with a tumour on the bladder. on 3 very specific instances God intervened through “Specific” prayer

    My son was also declared that he would not see the morning – had a serious road accident when he was thrown way over a car off his bicycle…just married 4 months!!!. We asked all we could think of to pray and the next morning he was eating bacon and eggs..loads of them.

    So I’m in for the fact that when Stellan awakes he will be restored to “demanding” food and growing in strength and wholeness..

    My the Lord strengthen you ….

    Blessings and Armour


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