Special Play…

I was in a program called FAST. It emphasized spending time with your family and one on one time with your child, also called special play.

Special Play is a time you spend with your child doing child led activities. You do what they want to do and participate and don’t lead them. For example for a toddler you would get some legos and they would let you know what to build and you would help.

For older children it can be a board game, an activity at a park, painting, so on and so forth. It doesn’t have to be a long time they suggests 15 minutes twice a week.

Little Stacey and I spend out time watching wrestling Friday nights. We were watching Ghost Whisperer but, wrestling won out. We scream at the tv we laugh, we get excited. It is too much fun. We also take a snack up to the bedroom with us and enjoy it while we are watching. Popcorn though is really bad. It ends up everywhere because we forget about it and it goes flying. So, we kinda stopped eating that.

But, what brought me to this topic was last night we were watching Biggest Loser and Stacey turned to me and said, “Mommy, when the baby gets here are we still gonna be able to watch wrestling together?”
I said, “Of Course, why wouldn’t we?”

Her whole concern was that we get too loud and we might scare her. HE HE.
I explained to her that Tori-Beth can already hear and I pretty much think she knows what is going on every Friday. Besides that we can leave her with Mike downstairs so that we don’t frighten her too much. But, I already think she has been introduced to our loud madness and she will be ok.

We don’t have to give up our one on one time, it’ll be ok. Now, I might not be able to stay awake through the whole thing but, that is a different story. We shall see.

I love our time we spend upstairs together just doing things like we draw things back and forth or write silly notes back and forth. Or we just cuddle together and talk about the day. I love that at 11 she still loves to do that. And I wouldn’t trade our loud crazy wrestling madness for anything.

Maybe I can get Tori-Beth into Hell’s Kitchen with me. Although all the bleeping, might make her deaf. lol.

This is Stacey’s Man…. Oh yeah 12 Rounds opens Friday!!!!
John Cena

And these two are my favs!!!
Jeff Hardy..

and Triple H!!!!


Now exhale. AHHHHHH. lol.


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