Goings on around here….

Well, life has been hitting us hard. But, things just keep on moving.

We no longer have any kind of running vehicle. Oh joy. Mike is looking for another job because where he is now keeps going on shut down, so, that means bills aren’t getting paid. A few days without gas and you really learn to appreciate it.

He has applied for a job in Lima which is really far away, but, it means more money and job security. But, also means we will be separated for a while. Which in the scheme of things is no biggee really it isn’t. He’ll be home on the weekends if this all pans out right. And then when we get enough money saved we are going to be moving there. That is the plan if he gets the job.

I also will be getting a job after the baby is here and I am all healed up from my c-section. That is if I can find one here in old Springtucky. Jobs are few and far between here.

Sometimes I wish we had a mommy and a daddy that we could turn to and just say HELP, and they would, but, we aren’t kids we are adults. So, we must figure this out on our own. And deal with the consequence of what must be.

I also found out that I have gestational diabetes. So, I get to prick my finger twice a day. Oh joy. I faint when I see blood so, this will be fun. I go Monday so that they can teach me how to do it. I hope they give me stock in those amonia thingies that you put under your nose to make you not faint. Because, I am gonna need them.

I think this is God telling me to get over my blood phobia. lol. He is just being creative about it. lol.

Life for me has always been hard. I know we will get over this hump. But, my kids have always had what they needed and well, to tell them that their shoes are gonna have to continue to talk because we can’t afford a 10.00 pair of shoes, or that we have to give away our two dogs because we can’t afford to feed them is so hard on them. And it hurts my heart to tell them no not right now. But, they are taking it in stride and dealing with it too. I guess this is a good lesson. Sometimes you don’t always have what you need at the moment and to make do with what you have.

I don’t know I just get discouraged. Especially with the fact that I can’t just go out and get a job at the moment. So, there is nothing that I can do to contribute. And I know it is so hard on Mike but, what can you do?

So, for all the whinning, but, sometimes ya just got to.

Here is some good news. Hopefully Harley will be home by next week she is doing really good where she is with her counselling and making a lot of progress. She has been home two times for the weekend and while it didn’t go how I had expected, it went really good. I didn’t expect her to come home and be a perfect child, but, I got something better. She is becoming her own person and talking and interacting with everyone and it isn’t fake, let me get through this so, I can just get out of here kind of thing. It is genuine. She has worked really hard this past month and a half and I am soo proud of her. And I am going to let her know Thursday when we have family counseling. I need to start vocalizing to her how I feel about her and how she is doing. I for some reason expect her to know but, I don’t tell her. I really have to work on that better.

Well, that is all for today. I am going to try to update better on my blog, but, since I joined facebook, I have totally forgotten about my blog. lol.

Have a wonderful day everyone and God Bless.


3 Responses

  1. Don’t forget your blog! I don’t face book! 🙂

    I totally get when life gets hard and gets you down. It seems to be my MO.

    But know this: you will get through it and you’ll be a stronger person for going through it.

    Kids are resilient – a lot more resilient than we give them credit for.

  2. you are not the only one in this boat! we are having to sell our horses because we can no longer take care of them. going without gas? been there just recently. take care. i will be checking on ya!!

  3. (((((hugs))))))

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