30 weeks today….

I only have a few more weeks left. We are in the homestretch and oh boy does it feel like it! I can’t wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again. lol.

Tomorrow is my ultra sound. They need to measure the baby because I am measuring 4-5 weeks ahead of schedule. I think the gestational diabetes explains it all. But, I am really happy for another look at Miss Tori-Beth. Hopefully this time we get to see her face. She was hiding it last time. I think she is just afraid her awesome beauty might shock us all if she let’s us get a peek. he he. Either that or she is just shy.

Today is family counseling with Harley. That counselor just loves to make us cry. She makes us work hard. Really hard. She asks some questions that get to the root of the problem. So, I guess that makes her good.

I went through counseling after JT died and that was hard, but, this is a different kind of hard. You have to reach down really far and think and experience emotions like you never have before. And the hardest part admit that yep, you aren’t who you think you are or who you thought that you were to your child. And you also get to find out what your child thinks of you and how she feels and that is even harder. But, we are working through it. I didn’t think that we could. I thought that this was gonna be a bust.

Harley and me, well, we know how to buck the system. We know how to make people think we are working it and not work it at all. But, this counselor sees right through that. She’ll look at you and tell you, that’s not true. Tell me the truth. Or that’s a load of bologna. Like I said, she is good. No getting over on her.

Have you ever wondered why bologna is spelled like that and not baloney? Just a question. Or why circus is not spelled sirkus? Or why your back always itches in a spot you can’t reach when there is no one around to help you itch it? Yeah, me too.

Well, I’ll let ya know how the ultrasound goes tomorrow. My appointment isn’t until 1:45, so, I’ll see you all then.

Have a great day!!!!!


One Response

  1. I can’t wait to read about an update.

    As a self-professed English geek, the English language boggles even my mind…

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