Gestational Diabetes class…

Well, I went to it. I learned a lot. I found out that I can eat more than what I thought that I could. How cool is that?? I didn’t like the finger poke thing, but, I did it. It took me 20 minutes and my daughter showing me up and doing with no problem. But, I did it.

Now, I am cheating because Harley did it for me this morning. I am such a wimp, but, well, it got done.

I really liked the class, I understand more now and need to stop listening to other people about things because they were leading me the wrong way. GB is different from Type 2 and that is why my diet is different.

Granny tried telling me that I couldn’t eat tomatoes. I was crying and in tears because how can you have a salad without tomatoes??? But, tomatoes are a free food. Oh yeah!!! As a matter of fact my salad and my green beans are a free food. That made me feel like singing. But, I didn’t to protect the innocent.

Harley is acting like my mom, she is all on it about what time I have to test and she won’t let me out of it. I acted like I was busy she said you have two hands hand me over one. I tried grounding her for being disrespectful, but, she told me that it is for my own good and the good of her sister, so that is that. I handed over my finger. I won’t tell which one though. J/K. My humor is bad this morning. Sorry.

At least now, I have found something that we can do together. lol. Even if it isn’t something enjoyable to me. I think she likes it. A little too much.

Speaking of, Miss Harley only has this week left where she goes for the day, and then it is back to regular school. She is excited and so am I. She can’t wait to get back to a regular schedule.

Ompf… Well, I guess Miss Tori-Beth is telling me that I need to get off of here and eat, so, I guess I will, she kicks really hard when she is hungry. So, off I go to eat.

Have a great day!!

p.s. Stacy… scan the pics. lol.

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  1. Aww, she’s looking out for you, Mom

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