I fell and bumped my head….

UGH, I was walking down the stairs yesterday and fell down a couple bashed my head on the window sill and somehow my ankle decided to get involved to.

I seriously thought that I was gonna die. I felt the back of my head swelling up and thought here it goes. I am a gonner. Then I was thinking oh no! What if I have to have surgery?? Then they will have to shave my head. I’ll be bald. But, I’ll be alive. I guess I can trade one for the other. After a CAT scan and X-rays, I don’t need surgery, and my head is just fine. Ha ha to all of you people that think there was something wrong with my head. lol. The doc checked it out and it is just fine! he he.

So, I have a gi-freakin-normous goose egg and a sprained ankle. So, I am literally hurting from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

And Miss Tori-Beth was a trooper through out it all. She is doing great. She didn’t move there for a minute but, I think that is because she was in shock. Now, she won’t stop moving which I think is wonderful.

Now, if the bathroom wasn’t up all of those steps……

2 Responses

  1. Oh no! You gots to be more careful! 🙂

  2. Please be more careful. And it isn’t your head it’s what’s inside!


    Glad everything is alright with you and Tori Bet. Get lots of rest now.

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