When you make an easy decision and the kids won’t cooperate…

I had to ground Ashley, her grades are well, horrendous. She blames it on everything but herself. Her teachers are too mean, they don’t give her enough time to finish projects, the other kids are loud. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Her teachers sent home printouts of all her grades for the quarter, and well, I can see where she has gone wrong. Her homework, as in she hasn’t been doing it. All of her in class work and tests are 95 or better. Which most of them are 100’s. Even her semester exams are high A’s. But, it is that homework that she doesn’t do, that she says she does do that is dropping her grade to a big old fat F.

I grounded her until interims come home. I think that is fair, I could have grounded her for the rest of the quarter which is 7 weeks away. But, I opted to see how she does in the middle of the quarter. And I told her I had better see her working on homework every day whether she has it or not.

Well, she brings me her social studies grades yesterday after school and out of 6 assignments, 4 are missing. And she hasn’t missed any school, so, that isn’t it. She is just too lazy to do the homework, I told her she needs to go to school Monday and find out what those assignments are and get them made up. Even if it takes all of her grade away that is better than a missing assignment. Then I get to hear the we aren’t allowed to do that. Bull hickey do, yes you are. She tried arguing with me, but, it didn’t work, she resolved to tears instead.

She wants to get a job, her birthday is Oh my goodness next Sunday! She will be 15 and she already called and found out where she can work at as a 15 year old. Has gone and gotten the applications and filled them out and are waiting until that magic day next week when she can turn them in.

I asked her, how are you going to keep up your school work, and work at the same time? It isn’t easy I did it. I remember. She tried to shoot me some hooey, which honestly I didn’t listen to. I honestly don’t think she is ready. I don’t think she is mature enough for the responsibility. But, I could be wrong. I don’t know the homework issue is really making me rething letting her get a job. Plus, this attitude she has lately isn’t helping either.

UGH!!!!! Teenagers. I hope I survive this!!!!!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for letting me vent!

2 Responses

  1. I’m not looking forward to The Boy and Baby Gurl becoming teenagers. The Boy is 11 and is already talking about getting a job (so is Baby Gurl).

    Personally, I say school first, work later. She’ll have her whole life to work (if she chooses). If she were struggling with the material, that’s one thing. But the fact that her failing is the result of her laziness, no excuse for that – you’re right, Bobbie.

    (((hugs))) You’ll make it through, gf.

    • She wants to work to help out and to be able to buy her stuff for school and save for a car. But, if she thinks she is going to be able to drive with failing grades she really has another think coming. But, that is still over a year away. So thankfully I don’t have to worry about the car part right now. lol.

      But, I really think I am going to tell her no job for right now.

      Thanks Iva!!

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