Need accountability…

I need accountability for this housework. I just keep getting farther and farther behind. Laundry builds up. Dishes build up. And I don’t get it done. I just look at it and sigh and walk away. Then I get upset when I can’t find anything that is clean or there are no dishes clean to eat out of.

And Mikayla has been getting to much tv time. I mean way to much. Yes, it is PBS, and I can chalk it up to she knows her ABC’s and 123’s and colors and shapes and that but, too much of anything is still too much. I need to limit that too. I have just been sitting around playing on the computer. I think I am thinking that when the baby gets here I won’t be able to do that so, I am getting it all in now, but, that isn’t an excuse because I have to give Mikayla, and Ashley, Harley, and Stacey extra time now too. Not just my computer.

And you would think that as much as I sit at this thing every day that I could at least keep my blog up right? Ha ha nope.

Not even close. Plus, while I read blogs I don’t comment. So, what is the point? I really need to start commenting again.

And I am sure you all don’t want to hear all about my swollen feet ankles and hands. So, that is nothing to blog about either.

Some good news my baby shower is Saturday. I can barely contain myself. I am soo excited. I have never had one, so this is a big deal for me. And thanks Stacy for throwing it for me. We thought that maybe no one would show up but, it is looking like we are going to have a bunch of people there. I still say that I am going to win baby shower bingo. Yep, so, watch out Granny and Laura, that prize is MINE!!!! lol. I don’t even need a prize I just want to win. lol.

Stacy and Granny and when I say Granny, I mean Stacy’s. Not to be confused with Mike’s mom, went shopping last night and she told me we got plates, this n that, and then said oh yeah, we got stuff for Tori but you aren’t allowed to know. Ugh!!!! They are only for Tori not you! lol. Well, I have confered with Tori and she thinks that since I have to open them that I should know before hand what they are. You know so that I don’t go into labor or something over the shock. She told me this last night. We had a really long talk about it. Because she would like to stay in there until June 11th. She thinks that is best. So, spill it. What did you all get her?????

Oh man, the suspense is killing me.

Really I sound like a spoiled brat up there. I just want everyone to come and have fun. Play some games eat some food and leave with a smile on their face just because we are all together having fun. The presents aren’t the important thing.


Stacy make sure you bring your camera so that I have something to blog about and pics to go with it! lol.

Well, until next time, tootles!

Remember Jesus is the reason and God loves you! Each and every one of you!

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  1. Nobody understands more than I how much of a time sucker the computer can be. (((hugs)))

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