A Mikayla funny…

This happened last week. Mikayla likes sleeping in our room sometimes and she’ll bring in her little pull out couch thingy and sleep on the floor. We don’t mind it, we actually like it. She usually sleeps with Ashley and has for over two years now. Something Ashley started and I wasn’t too happy with at first, but, hey I guess if they were happy about it why even fight it. Here is how she broke the news to Ashley:

Mikayla: Ashley, we have to talk.

(Music blaring in the background, Mikayla walks over to it and turns it off)

Mikayla: That’s better! Ashley we have to talk!

Ashley: OK

Mikayla: I am going to go sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s room. You will be ok. You don’t need me anymore. You will be fine. Ok

Ashley: (Trying to contain her laughter) Ok

Mikayla: Remember you will be ok.

Mikayla walking out the door, “You will be fine!” Slams the door.

Ashley bursting out in mad laughter.

Then a couple of days ago, this is the conversation she had with Harley…

Walks into Harley’s room, music blaring louder than Ashley’s, if that is at all possible, shuts off Harley’s radio. Something that could get you killed if she was in a bad mood by the way. You don’t touch her radio. lol

Mikayla: Harley, we have to talk!

Harley: Ok, what do you want. (Harley is a little more vocal than Ashley).

Mikayla: I love you, I like you, I want to marry you!

Harley: Oh you do really?

Mikayla: Yep! I love you! Good-bye!

I know where she gets this. I always say, we have to talk and if the tv is on I shut it off. Just another example of how much the little ones pick up on and try to emmulate you. And this time it was ooh so cute! lol

Have a blessed day!


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