Wow!!! It’s me!!!

Don’t faint away or anything. lol. I am here. I have just been either busy or spending time with the family. Hubby was off for three weeks for a shut down, and well, he’s a computer hog. No, just kidding (a little). We have all spent a lot of time together. It has been so much fun with a little frustration mixed in. While I am happy to see him go back to work, I am a little sad also. After all who is going to kill spiders in the bathroom? Or, cook lunch with me?

Tori-Beth is doing great. She is up to 9lbs 6oz and is growing so fast. I might have to put a book on her head to stop it. lol. She loves to cuddle and we love to cuddle with her. She started smiling and will smile and coo at the air for no reason. Sometimes I wonder who she is talking to. Probably an angel. That would be my guess. Either that or the dust floating in the air. lol.

We are also watching Little House on the Prairie. We are on Season 4. That is if the library ever gets it. It has said shipped from one of the other branches for 4 days. I need my Little House fix. AHHHHH!!!! The girls love it which is strange because I didn’t think they would. They are as frustrated as me that it isn’t in. I have already requested season 5 so that we don’t have to go through this again. Ugh!

Well, I wanted to keep this updatey and fluffy, but, I have another kinda post in store for tomorrow or the next day. Depends on if I am watching Little House or not.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Jesus Love You!

Here is the picture I promised a long time ago. This is where I think that she looks like my little Tongan Princess.