Doctor’s Appointment Today…

Miss Tori-Beth gets her first set of shots today. I am so sad about that. I really hate that we have to poke and prod our kids. But, I know that they need to be protected I just wish that there was another way to do it. Her appointment is in a little bit, so, I have to start getting ready. And getting her ready.

I just hope she doesn’t get too upset and that they don’t make her all mean. I’ll let you know how she did.

Everyone have a great day!


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  1. LadyBug has her first round next week. I’m NOT looking forward to it. I’m bring the hub because I don’t know if I can handle her screaming and not being able to comfort her right away. So sad!

  2. Hi!!
    I came across your blog through “Waiting for Happy”.
    I hope your appointment for your little one went well. I remember well the days with my first, when he went through so many challenges at first and his ‘well baby visits’ included the scheduled shots. I just felt I couldn’t do it to him and I didn’t.
    It was a battle with the nurses, visit after visit, but his doctor was wonderful and took the time to discuss the issue with us.
    I asked the nurse to have the doctor give me all the package inserts for each vaccine they had in the ‘recommended schedule’ and then I did my research and looked into his (my baby’s) genetic makeup (family medical history and background) to see if any of this things (vaccines) would interfere with his immune system and health.
    We found out, there was a LOT we did not know and I felt so grateful to God, for having given me the guts to say : “No, let me wait and educate myself”
    Remember that vaccination is not 100% effective and does not equal immunization, so it’s important to measure the value of getting a given shot. Some kids might need some of the shots, others need to get them very spaced out, and singled (no combinations), and others need to stay away from them a lot longer, to allow growth to their immune systems to handle such a change to it.
    ok, this is getting too long, I don’t want to importunate you, just to share our experience and 2 cents from a mom who went through this.
    Best wishes!!!!

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