A poem by Ashley

Here is a poem Ashley had to write the first day of school and they had homework. She said that her Literature teacher is really into poetry so they need to be prepared to study it a lot and write a lot of it.

Where I am From – By Ashley

I am from a binki I wouldn’t give up, and a blanket all warm and snuggly.
I am from cheese and peanut butter toast, the aroma from Maw Maw’s kitchen of chicken and rice.
I am from Aunt Cindy’s house with cats galor, and grandma Susie’s rickety old shack in Tennessee.
I am from brown eyes all the same, a dent in my chin and one dimple ont he left side of my check.
I am from “Stop before I bust your butt”, and “mellow out.”
I am from Smackdown every Friday, and yelling and screming and cheering, the Hardy Boyz are back!
I am from sisters, sisters every where and my baby brother may he rest in peace.
I am from a steak knife in a light socket, and naked baby pictures in the tub.
I am from Bobbie and Gary who molded me into the rotten but lovely young woman I am today.


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