My oldest baby girl has been fighting a terrible case of acne for a while. It was bad. I am talking on her back chest, and face. Nothing worked, not even proActive, we tried it. Let me tell you it wasn’t very active. lol She would be so mad if she knew I was putting this out for everyone to hear about, but oh well. The doctor prescribed her an antibiotic and a cream and a gel. this was about a month and a half ago. Well, her face is clear. She looks so different and older. Her chest and back still has a ways to go but, there is a lot of improvement. We only noticed when we were at Stacy’s house a couple of weeks ago. Check it out.


Front View

This is before just so that you can see the improvement.

Is that not amazing or what???


One Response

  1. She will be so mad at you if she ever finds this, you better never let her see it lol. But seriously it improved it so much, I cant believe how much it helped.

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