Scholarship Crazy….

Big Stacy said that I haven’t posted in my blog forever and that people might have thought that I died or something. So, I should post something. I tried to tell her that everyone that reads my blog is on facebook. So, they all know I am alive. lol.

Anyway, Little Stacey my daughter, has gone scholarship crazy. First she gets a scholarship to KidStage, which is theatre workshops and they get to do a performance. They learn all about the theatre from how to run the lights to make up to acting, singing,and dancing. This is for a whole year. Stacey and Big Stacy’s daughter Brittany both got this scholarship.

Then we take them to dance Saturday and this is Jazz class through Project Jericho which is free, because that is how we roll. If it is free we are there. Might be because we are poor as dirt. lol. But, their teacher Uncle Mark, I call him that they don’t, says that he wants them to do ballet and it will basically be a scholarship as in our only expense will be the tights. yeah!!! He likes their body type and the fact that they are disciplined when they dance. Yaddi Yaddi yadda. I really don’t know all that he said because I was talking to someone else about something else and he was telling Big Stacy. And she was so excited, she was talking to fast, I just agreed with her. lol.
So that is Stacy and Brittney again.

Stacey is also going to go for a scholarship that will pay for all of her college that is only open to 7th graders. It is called champion city scholars. I really hope she gets it. That would help so much.

Brittney and Stacey are both excited about all this because they think it is going to make them famous. It is so fun listening to them. They want to go to school for fashion design. Stacey wants to do the outfits and Brittney the hair and make up. So, hey they may be on their way. They are too cute. And just so you know who I am talking about here is a glimpse at the little scholarship girls….

OH yeah, and all this hair in this picture….

Gone I cut it up to my shoulders. It feels so much better and it doesn’t cause me to get whiplash when it gets stuck under my arm. And isn’t that baby girl in there just the cutest?


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  1. How exciting! What a little go getter you have there.
    Have fun girls!!

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