I woke up to the phone ringing. It was Children’s, I was so afraid to answer the phone. They never called unless it was something bad. So, I took a few breaths and just picked it up. It was the nurse, she was really excited. She told me JT had pulled out his vent!!! OMG, what???!!! I said, is he ok?? Yes, he is wonderful!!! He is breathing on his own, no oxygen at all. He decided it was time to get rid of it! She was excited as I was. He was 13 weeks old and had been on the vent since birth. And for him to come off of it with nothing at all??? No canulas no extra support, well, that was a miracle. I told her I would be there in 30-45 minutes. I ran through the house getting everything ready. Mikayla had just turned 2 at the time and probably thought that I was crazy. I poured a whole bunch of cereal in a zippy bag, filled her sippy cup up and we were on our way. I don’t think I even brushed anyone’s hair. LOL. When I got up there it was the most amazing thing to see my baby’s face. They hadn’t put the NG tube back in and there was absolutely nothing blocking his face. I could see all of it. I was so afraid to hold him, I didn’t want to forget this moment. Peggy practically pushed me down in the rocker and plopped him down in my arms. And I got to give him kisses all over his face and his sister did too. We spent most of the day into the afternoon up there. We read him books dressed him in different clothes a couple of times. Talked to the doctor’s who were as amazed as us, we had been talking about putting in a trach the day before. This is when we started seeing his personality, as in he took things into his own hands. When he was ready for something he was ready. Another significant thing he pulled out his vent on his due date. The date he was supposed to be born full term. All I could do was just stare at him and love on him and thank God for this special gift. Even writing this now, I still feel the joy and excitement and scared feelings I felt that day.

It is awesome to see miracles right before your eyes. The really big ones and the little ones. For someone not to believe that God doesn’t perform miracles in this day and age all they have to do is stop by a NICU and just look around. Real miracles happen there everyday. Whether it be a baby eating a bottle for the first time. A first smile at a parent, coming off of a medication that they weren’t supposed to, or going home when it seemed like that would never happen. Holding your 2lb baby and they look at you and just know who you are, and settling down into your chest and being at peace with the world. The love that happens there is just unexplainable.

Such an awesome memory.


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